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Thursday, January 12, 2012

What is Occupy all about?

What is it all about?  Why are there no specific demands?  Why don't they form a party?  Why don't they support a candidate?

I don't speak for any of the general assemblies or any of the occupy movement because there is no one needed to clear it through.  I see it as meant to be that way.  It is about getting rid of apathy and getting involved.  Speaking your mind which should never be a crime of course unless it hurts someone else.  Now I will not get into trying to define what is hurting someone else in this post.

This not about partisan politics. Occupy is not a party or about one specific problem that only continually works to divide us among ourselves anyway.  Parties are a bad thing in many aspects built so there is never anyone that has to take responsibility for their actions(one of the problems).  This is a movement for the will of the people.  It is about the people, not the left, right or center but for all that want change. Another party is not going help or change the problems that are going on in are country.  The parties have become teams and no longer serve the people as a whole.  It is like a boxing or wrestling match that never ends.  Even the fans go out during intermission and beat each other up instead of grabbing a snack and using the restrooms.

The candidates are no longer the peoples candidates, they are part of the team and owned by owners that have a lot of money.  They put on their show and then support the corporations that supported them.  The people are no longer heard at all.  Are politics have become corrupted and owned and by working from within the current system any single candidates will become corrupted by it too.

It really becomes fruitless and cynical to support a single candidate.  Think about it.  It has been three years of positioning and campaigning by politicians this time around.  They are campaigning, getting paid for it and supposed to be working but they are not. The circus is never over anymore and yet progress for the people and nation seem to be not only stagnant but fading.  That is because they are supporting the largest donations from the latest immigrants/people to our nation.  Who could that be but corporations.  I've mentioned it before those latest members to our society with the rights of a person are also multinational.  So they are special that way because they are citizens of nations all over the world and can abide by the nation of the day whenever they desire.

There are no demands because people are trying to work with people not step on or extort people as we have become so use too.  These are people that want the information put out on the table to discuss it among the many. Then come up with the best solutions we can for the time being until we can come up with better ones.   I didn't think it was a hostage situation when people protest.  Have we come to thinking like the states and government seem too. Where they have to twist the arm of the other, bribe or extort to achieve their goals?

There are lots of demands and concerns and problems in this country and we run around in circles because we take sides and never really accomplish a whole lot to the original concerns and problems.  We don't sit down and try to find the best solutions and go with them until we find a better way.  Once again we take sides and try to fight each other until there is a winner and loser.  Not everything should be run like a sports event with a winner and loser.  Sometimes we should work together as one team and try to come up with the best compromise that seems like it will work.  That is really what this is all about.

However, from the start people wanted to create divides and start smearing the group and name calling. Oh, they are leftists and liberals. Then as they dug for more they were hippies, dirty, thugs and anarchists. Well some of them are I'm sure but every other named group is represented too.  The unemployed, employed, underemployed, rich, poor, middle class, upper class, doctors, lawyers priests, accountants, janitors, truck drivers, teachers, nurses, moms, dads, sons and daughters. You name it there is some one from every walk of life involved at this point.  Well maybe that team needs to be the 99% against the 1% for now.  Someday we may grow up and work together but I'm not expecting it anytime soon.  So I guess I will go with the best odds for the time being.

I am the 99%

Occupy is an idea not just occupy...

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