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Friday, January 6, 2012

O.w.S. in the news 1-6-2012 evening

Occupy Congress protesters attempt to raise money for the basics
Occupy Congress January 17, 2012
Occupy Congress
Occupy Congress - U.S. Capitol - January 17
We are the 100%. We police ourselves. Satyagraha FTW

We All Occupy
Occupy Wall Street: From Zuccotti Tents to Political Primaries
Livestreaming Journalists Want to Occupy the Skies With Cheap Drones
Occupy L.A.'s Octopus Mural Declared an 'Artifact,' Auctioned off by City
‘Wild Old Women’ Close San Francisco Bank Of America Branch - Did they really tell these nice old folks that we don't want your kind here?

Boulder authorities mum on clearing Occupy Boulder camp
Some Occupy LA protester cases dismissed
Occupy Wall Street: From Zuccotti Tents to Political Primaries
Libations and Deliberations!
NYU Student Flips Out Over Occupy Wall Street Assignment

Occupy Boston Digs In For a Winter Full of Actions and Action Planning
Citizens United Backlash Picks Up Official Support From Occupy Wall Street, New York Chapter
Hackney Mayor’s cosy relationship with ‘Occupied’ investment bank UBS
#OCCUPYWALLSTREET - was nominated for a Shorty Award!

From the "99%" - The NEW COMMON SENSE - Must distribute FAST
Occupy Homer
Buddy Roemer: GOP Pres. Candidate Who Backs Occupy, Campaign Finance Reform
Occupy Pittsburgh files first legal argument to stay

InterOccupy org
#Occupy Nigeria
Re-Occupy "Tradition": The History Of Faith And LGBT Rights
Mayor Bloomberg Hunts Down and Snuffs Occupy Wall Street Live Video Feeds From Brooklyn NY
OWS Sympathizers to Protest Outside Mayor Bloomberg’s House…For the Journalists

#F29 - Occupy Portland National Call To Action To Shut Down the Corporations
Occupy Darien organizer arrested for breach of peace, other charges Friday
Seventh Heaven by Dreamcatcher - this is why one person tweeted they occupy.
Albany Police Chief Slams ‘Occupy’-Supporting Councilmen
OPINION: How Occupy is changing the world by building a better one

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