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Thursday, January 5, 2012

O.w.S. in the news 1-5-2012 evening

On Occupy and the Global South | The Science of Destruction
Occupy Your Heart
Occupy - An Increasingly Desperate But Failing Attempt For Relevance - Propaganda like this is helping to do constant damage to the occupy movement.  However, as the old adage goes, people hear it over and over they begin to believe it.  In this case read and hear.  Unfortunately, it is doing damage and there are many that believe the propaganda and those that want to believe in it.

Reflections on Occupy Wall Street From Nancy Pelosi, Alice Walker, Arianna Huffington & Others
Occupy Wall Street’s Video Stars Are Feuding
Postcards from Occupy D.C.
Occupy Oakland Vigil Raided, Several Arrested, Video
Bahrain riot police clear protesters with tear gas

March, rally unites Oscar Grant, Occupy Oakland movements
Occupy Cinema: Inside Occupy Wall Street's Collaborative Documentary
Jefferson County Attorney Moves Occupy Louisville Case to Federal Court
A Thorn of Beauty Upon the Rose – Occupy Protesters Join the Parade - Nice shot of the "occupy" crowd at the Rose Parade.

Donations From the Rich to Charities Rose in 2011
Occupy Wall Street Building a Better Facebook?
Occupy Oakland Vigil Raided, Several Arrested, Video
Occupy Seattle meeting coming Jan. 5 to West Seattle library

One Tribe Nation lanza una canciĆ³n en apoyo al movimiento Indignado Occupy L.A.
A visit to Occupy Buffalo
Occupy Oakland Activist May Face Three Strikes
Opportunity in America: One Campaign Fight Worth Waging

From Occupy to Walkupy as crew strolls through Rowan
Occupy News
The OccupyUSA Blog for Thursday (Jan. 5), With Frequent Updates
Santorum rips Occupy Wall Street movement
Bernie Sanders and Stephen Colbert duel over Corporate Personhood = WIN

A Bill of Rights for Occupied Communities
Occupy Next Step: Reinvesting Our Money!
Good Idea/Bad Idea: Occupy The (Supreme) Courts
Occupy protesters gather outside Oakland City Hall
Evicted local Occupy group moves forward

City fence will protect Eugene councilor who opposed Occupy camp;
City parks in Boulder off-limits overnight under new rule, as of Friday night
A Documenter of Protest Has a New Clash With Authority
Romney Skips the Questions in Charleston Visit

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