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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

O.w.S. in the news 1-4-2012 evening

Occupy Tampa Occupies Working-Class West Tampa - Great work I do feel by the occupy Tampa folks.  That is where more of these encampments need to be out in the communities, IMHO.  Out in these communities supporting them where and when we can.

Why Iceland Should Be in the News, But Is Not - Very good update information on Iceland.
The Perfect Time for Occupy Moscow Is Now
Occupy Congress - U.S. Capitol - January 17
Occupy Congress
Occupy Cork moves camp, as local councillor calls them attention seekers

Occupy shows that the personal really is political

Andrew Jackson Jihad cut Occupy Wall Street theme
Occupy Chattanooga Responds to Hamilton County Commission Resolution
New York police raid Occupy Wall Street office
Occupy Wall Street Is About Sustainability and Ecological Innovation
'The Avengers' Like Occupy Wall Street

Occupy DC seeks court order to avert eviction
Romney Debates Occupy Protester
‘Occupy’ protesters stage ‘die-in’ against National Defense Authorization Act
Iowa Protesters Offer Model To Occupy 2012
Occupier faces lynching charges

Occupy protests: January 2012
Occupyers to occupy Conway polls on primary day
Rick Santorum’s Top 10 Most Outrageous Campaign Statements
Declaration of Interdependence
Occupy Murfreesboro still holding daily meetings

It’s a Pillow Fight, Occupy Boston!
Permitting Protest: Parsing the Fine Geography of Dissent in America
36 Journalists Have Been Arrested at Nonviolent Occupy Protests in the Land of the Free the Home of the Predator Drone
Occupy Amendment

Occupy Livestream Operators Will Be Homeless After They Get Out of Jail
School forced to defend Occupy Wall Street song performed by eight-year-olds
Ron Paul Reaches Out to the Youth of Occupy Wall Street
Occupy Boston joins Grand Procession
Last Occupy camp holds on in St. John's

A Moment for Action
Cedar Rapids Asks Federal Court to Dismiss Occupy CR Complaint
Occupy Boulder to see same park curfew ban Occupy Denver faces
Occupy Wall Street's Livestream Operators Arrested

Occupy Detroit & the Henrys fight back
How to Film A Demonstration or Revolution (a tutorial) Occupy or Anonymous people
Free Speech Ballot Measure Proposed By Occupy San Diego
Occupy Theme Song/Lyrics by The Norris Brothers Band

Occupy the Electoral Process
Occupy the Caucus: Dozens Arrested Challenging Corporate Influence in Iowa
Two Opportunities To "Occupy" This Weekend In Madison; All Are Welcome
Occupy Wall Street's Next Big Move
Arena: Occupy Wall Street – conversation with Marco DeSeriis and Jodi Dean

"What Democracy Looks Like: The View From Occupy Boston"

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