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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

O.w.S. in the news 1-3-2012 evening

A Voice From Occupy Wall Street and Tea Parties Worldwide
Occupy Wall Street's Livestream Operators Arrested
2011: A Year in Revolt
Occupy Wall Street Needs a Wall Street Education
Occupy Wall Street Promises "Special Treat" In Grand Central Tonight

Arrests Reported at Occupy Wall Street's Grand Central Gathering
From Occupy Wall Street to Durkheim: What Is Solidarity?
Bank’s leaked email admits ‘Occupy’ movement ‘could impact our industry’
Occupy protesters rally in NYC's Grand Central
Romney supporters tell Occupy protesters to ‘get a job!’

Occupy decamps, promises future actions
Move To Amend- Occupy The Courts
Occupy Binghamton Yurt
Occupy Kitchens Closed for Cleaning
Occupy Oakland: Advance the Struggle’s political reflection

Occupy Louisville Protesters Brave Cold For Cause
Apparent Occupy protesters greet Paul at event, shouting compliments
Cindy Sheehan At Occupy The Rose Parade (VIDEO)
Occupy Dome-ocracy: "Synergy Can Save the World"
Occupy organizers: Anti-camping resolution would hurt homeless, cost money

Occupy Charleston protesters have day in court
Emails show some law enforcement believed bad weather would disperse protesters on plaza
Occupy Boulder to hold 'love-in' tonight to protest parks closure
Occupy Louisville hopes to reach new deal with the city
With the Suppression of the Occupy Movement Encampments the False 1% Media Lies Return

Allegations of Police Brutality at Occupy San Diego
Occupy NOLA Finds New Area To Protest
Art And The Occupy Movement In 2012
Even in the cold Occupy Syracuse continues on
Occupy Florida groups take action on campaign finance, free speech rights

Small Businesses Join Occupy Movement in Battle Against Big Tech

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