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Monday, January 2, 2012

O.w.S. in the news 1-2-2012 morning

Occupy MARINES Renews Their Vow to Defend Demonstrators -  As the sign in the image states, "I Fought for my Country not Wall St. (I will say fight instead of fought. Also, when it comes to understanding the word country in my heart and mind it is not for the land but for the people!)

Jan. 1 “Occupy My Generation”
Occupy protesters vow peaceful Rose Parade
Rose Parade: Occupy Protestors Ready To Add Politics To Pageantry
North Kitsap Occupy movement aims to find solutions
Year of Global Uprisings From the Arab Spring to Occupy Wall Street: A Special Look Back At 2011

Occupy Iowa caucus protesters storm Democrats' war room
Occupy Boston Sends Out 2011 In Occupy Style!
Occupy Fort Worth is working to improving relations with the city
The Declaration of Occupy Jackson
Niall Ferguson Says Occupy Wall Street Eviction Long Overdue - There is no concern for liberty or justice being broadcast by Niall Ferguson.  There is a reason twenty years ago there wasn't a globalization problems and that was there were some ethics still out there by leadership.  Sounds like the leaders, corporations and politicians had one thing in mind and that was profit not concern, training nor humanity of those who gave loyalty to them.

The Rush to Archive Occupy
Where to watch the Rose Parade & Occupy protests online
SD Occupy Press
Occupy the Rose Parade: Working Through the Next Stage of the Occupy Movement

NYPD Rings In New Year With Arrests, Press Harassment
Occupy the NH Primary
Occupy site lights up again
Bloomington mayor rethinks allowing Occupy camp
Occupy the Rose Parade protesters gather in Pasadena park

Occupy Oxford Hills sets public meetings
Occupy leader promises to leave caucuses alone
Occupy movement, liberals get unfair shake

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