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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Occupy in the news 1-1-2021 afternoon

There have been at least arrests in 105 different cities (As of Dec. 31, 2011)
Occupy Wall Street: A “born again American” moment
City’s statement on Occupy costs are bogus

The Campaign to “Decolonize” Oakland
One day sha....some of us tweeting
Observations and Realizations of 2011 - If your still trying to say I don't understand "occupy/decolonize" then read this.  If you still don't understand it and your over 35 than I really don't know what to say any more.  The time is here, the time is now and if we want to continue down the road that has been paved for the last century(probably longer) there will be plenty of company for those in misery that will ensue.  Misery loves company so there should be lots of love going around.

Occupy Protesters Arrested Outside Michele Bachmann Iowa Headquarters
Pasadena's Occupy Group Doesn't Support the Occupy the Rose Parade Protest
Occupy Redwood City Issues 12 Resolutions for 2012
Occupy Dover members organize 'First Nite' fun

2011 in Photos from the Social War in Seattle - Not an occupy link but there are many people not involved with occupy movements that are sending their messages of despair in different ways.  A message of despair is coming from many people not just the "occupy" movements alone.  I hope the leadership and people of this nation listen and takes the correct steps.  Meeting people with violence is going to go as the old phrase states violence breeds violence.  If that is what the politicians, corporations, media and people want, that is what they will probably get.  The question remains is this what the people want? Are the people going to stand by or take action to make the politicians, corporations and media make the right choices?  It really is the choice of the people in this nation still.  Getting out to vote alone is no longer going to fix what has become of this nation.  "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - disputed author -

Before Midnight, Occupy Wall Street Activists Retake Zuccotti Park
Arrests at White House Over NDAA Military Detention of Americans, Occupy Wall Street Joins Fight
Online infrastructure
Occupy 401(k): Why Paying More Than One Percent in Fees is Still Too Much - Isn't it nice how retirement programs turned into slot machines such as 401k.  Sad, sad state it is.  Let's make the people feel like they are investing in their future and dabbling in the rich game of the stock market.  What is really comes down to is putting your money back into giant corporations and fake paper that can all zero out when the time comes.  The 401k programs are another ponzi scheme like social security that they now have the nerve to call an entitlement, which most people and their employers have paid more into then they will probably ever receive.

Occupy protesters disrupt campaigns
I AM THE 2% - another not really occupy specific but couldn't help but laughing at this one myself.

Occupy Bellingham evictions, coal ban initiative among week's top stories

Occupy Mansfield Protest Attracts More Than 40 Ohioans
Renegades of Occupy New Years Eve
The Occupy Daily

'Occupy Wall Street' Protesters Clash With Police
Occupy Movement in US may intensify
The Occupy News and Report
Where to watch the Rose Parade & Occupy protests online

Before Midnight, Occupy Wall Street Activists Retake Zuccotti Park
2011 - The year of contagion?
Delicious Old Wine, Shiny New Bottle
Commissioner Pare says Occupy requests are unclear - It sounds pretty simple and clear to me.  I think most of us are tired of double-speak and political answers containing nil to the original question.   

‘Occupy Wall Street’ protesters return to Zuccotti Park
Occupy movement and the First Amendment
Just Imagine The Rose Parade Occupied For The People - Now there is a place that I would love to see A MILLION OCCUPIERS marching behind peacefully and singing "Imagine".  That alone would bring tears to millions world wide!  How powerful that would be...  It could be so powerful if it was pulled off peaceful. I have so much respect for those that are involved and will do what they are doing peacefully now but I can be a dreamer for the million marching peacefully too....!!!

We Have a Winner: Occupy Movement Wins Useful Idiot of the Year - I guess some people will almost always use propaganda and bend things to their goals.  It is sad to think people will continue to try and create hate towards others at any cost.

‘Occupy The Caucus’ Activists Target Iowa Campaign Headquarters
Tracking Journalist Arrests at Occupy Protests Around the Country
Occupy DC Hunger Strikers To Launch New Initiatives
Here are the top stories in the Kalamazoo area for 2011
The whole world is watching

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