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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Occupy / Decolonize in the news 1-8-2012

Princeton Students Disrupt A JP Morgan Recruiting Session With A Devastating Chant
Find out what 'Occupy' protestors want by talking to them
We The People
Critics of Occupy Wall Street and Tea Party movements should learn from Ohio's past
Police include Occupy movement on ‘terror’ list

2012: OS Fliers
Linguists name 'occupy' as 2011's word of the year
Occupy Oakland: Video of Woman Being Assaulted by Police
Anti-Wall Street activists protest at Republican debate
Over last two weeks, 40 arrests, and rising tensions between city officials and Occupy protesters

We All Occupy
Occupy Moments - 2011
Occupy D.C. gives way to romance
Occupy Congress Bus
The Rumors About Bill Clinton Are True

Occupy Wall Street Makes Official Call To Amend Constitution
Occupy Movement and political discourse
Occupy Sacramento protesters dispute $100 penalties
Only one word can 'occupy' top spot in 2011 rankings

Occupy Wall Street Supporters 'Mic Check' Mitt Romney
Occupy, Tulsa Peace Fellowship team up to protest war
Occupy Nigeria Protests: Locations And Dates
Occupy Portland Cleans Up, But Stays Put
Occupy overreach

Occupy Wall Street crowd protesting in wrong place - This is what the people think that the politicians have the power to change things.  Remember a government by the people for the people.  It is the people that have the power to change things. This is what the movement needs for the people to get involved.  The people have become so NOT involved that now the people no longer have the power.  The government is run by corporations and to stop that from continuing it will take the people not the politicians to make it change.  We as the people handed the power over to corporations trusting they would go down a righteous path.  However, that is not what has happened and the only way to return that power back is take it back and make the politicians work for us once again.  The politicians do not have control of anything, they are placed in office to serve as figure heads or spokesman.  They are spokesman for corporations and as long as we sit behind our televisions, radios and computers the true power is continuing to be handed over to the corporations.

Me Protesting W.S.I.B At Deb Mathews(MPP) Office On Jan 5th 2012
Mic Check! This is what democracy looks like!
200 attend Occupy rally in park
Occupy NH Protesters Mourn American Dream [VIDEO]
Allan Nairn to speak at Occupy Wall Street

Now citadel is occupied
Texas Occupy Movement Highlight

New rules at war memorial put Occupy Trenton protesters on uncertain ground
Save the City
Occupy Wall Street removed from Zuccotti Park: what they should do now
Occupy Indianapolis
Occupy Boulder Park Restrictions Take Effect

Group folds tents, continues mission
So what if America is the most religious nation?
The Food is Great at Occupy DC and So Are the People
#Occupy the Primary #j7 New Hampshire Primaries
Occupy Belfast72

Occupy Wall Street Anthem | “Finally Here” by The Roaring FT. Ari Herstand
Occupy Virginia! news #OccupyVA
Cyber attacks to rise warn federal police
Occupy Wall Street: what would Gandhi say?

Occupy Birmingham now occupies houses
Beyond Capitalism?
Why Occupy? Here's why

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