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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Occupy / Decolonize in the news 1-7-2012

Occupy: A Celebration of American Liberty

Funeral ANNOUNCEMENT - The Bill of Rights
"America, Listen to Them" - Gov. Buddy Roemer Speaks Out About Occupy Wall Street
Fascism in Progress – NYPD pulls the plug on #OWS Global Revolution TV
Occupy NH Primary Sets up Camp

Citizens United Backlash Picks Up Official Support From Occupy Wall Street, New York Chapter
Occupy protesters to demonstrate at foreclosed homes in Las Vegas valley
Occupy Boulder stages dance protest; police respond briefly after noise complaint
Occupy Oakland vigil raided: Protesters arrested

Occupy Philly Daily Schedule for Sat. 1/7/12 (and proposals)
Occupy Wall Street: From Zuccotti Tents to Political Primaries
END WAR Gen Clark On Preplanned Wars For Libya, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Somalia, Sudan, Iran
Disturbing images from Iran you rarely see
Occupy Miami

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