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Thursday, January 12, 2012

occupy / decolonize in the news 1-12-2012

The disparities between Occupy protests, Tea Party
Harold Meyerson: U.S. no longer land of opportunity
Occupy the Wine Country: Movement Broadens, Embraces Latino Struggle
Santorum denounced as ‘bigot’ at N.H. rally
Occupy Bozeman Protests Guantanamo Bay On 10th Anniversary

Re-Occupy Wall Street
Occupy Congress National Mall January 17, 2012 - Occupy Bus
Volunteer to help Chicago occupy our homes! January 16th
Elites Occupying Elites
Home » Influence & Lobbying » Lobbying » Industry: Education - I guess this becomes difficult to near impossible to keep track of any more with super pacs.

Occupy battle moves to cyber-space
Occupy protest wasteful
Another day in court for Occupy Rochester
Occupy Chattanooga split on when to vacate courthouse lawn
Occupy Pittsburgh to cops: prepare to be rickrolled

Deputies evict squatters from Occupy Seattle house
Time is now to 'Occupy the Dream'
Occupy still operating, looking for new venue
Class conflict very strong, majority of Americans say in poll
Occupy Brookings

To Whom It May Concern:
I continue to hope...Why Occupy?

 I can tell you why to occupy. I can also let some know that you are so wrong with your written assumptions or outright smears.  I will only hope that you are truly misinformed and can't open your own eyes past the news you want to see.  Many of these people are contributing not just sending something to a food bank to make themselves feel better. They are going out to the communities with their own monies preparing the food and providing the food to people that need it.  I see this with the occupy group in Charleston SC.  I see this from reports in many other communities around the country too.  Now for the money and taxes you spend on battered woman shelters I read an article that many are so full or broke that some of their suggestions are to find a place with a lot of people such as the occupy camp to sleep(just one example: one of the many things that should open the eyes a bit).  I can go on for days with the good so many of these different occupy groups(the people) have done!  They are doing what they have to do to change the nightmare back to a dream in America.

However, the real point that I want to get across to some is the ridiculous statement of they should get up early and go out and work hard.  I've sweated and bleed over and over again with no exaggeration and worked to the bone for well over 30 years.  I've worked 24, 48 and 72 hour days straight over and over again with no exaggeration. I have several degrees.  I'm still not getting any where.  I work harder and harder for less and less for decades now.  I've taking on more responsibility and hours time and time again.  I've worked up the ladder time and time again to just see that it is about a few taking advantage of a bunch so that they can get ahead.  So I choose to stay in the working class(didn't know they should have to fight to barely survive constantly). I've lived(and living) through what many of these people are trying to say is going on.  A large majority are realizing they are in this situation too.  A large majority that have been finding ways to survive are starting to realize they will be where I'm at soon and they are fed up.  The people of this nation are realizing the American Dream is gone and that The American Nightmare has been around for a while and it is getting nearer to their doors.

I would rather live with 10 times less if I only knew that my children and neighbors were going to have more peace of mind. That I lived in a community that I knew they would have less chance to worry about the basic human necessities such as food, water, shelter, medical and a chance to do better.  I'm more then willing to lay down my life to provide that to others.

Honestly, I'm saddened the closed eyed view to the present some are taking.  Wake up the dream has been over for a lot of people for a long time.  The nightmare is heading to your front steps whether you accept it or not.

I'm not only excited that people are moving out to the streets to express their concerns, I'm elated and cried a few times.  Which you could ask anyone around me and they will say they have almost, if never seen me cry. I work, I learn and I fight hard each day to survive.

We live in a country that has fallen deeply into corruption and greed and is no longer ran by the will of the people, that is why.  They can help and work but the more they do, the more the dishonest take!  These people are not stupid whether they have been to college or not!  They see what is going on and they are tired of being taking advantage of.  They are tired of being sophisticatedly manipulated and oppressed.

Who Streets?  Our Streets!  I hope you see the light and start getting involved too!

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