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Monday, January 9, 2012

Occupy / Decolonize 1-9-2012

Newt Goes Full ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Against Romney - These politicians amaze me and he doesn't appear to fall very far from that same tree.  I really do enjoy it when they provide some truths and ammunition against each other.

Occupy: 2012 and Beyond
Occupy New Hampshire stages die-in
Occupy Albany settles in, rents office space
Vermont and Massachusetts Organic Farmers 'Feed the Occupy Movement'
Occupy protesters spread message in NH

Occupy neighborhood groups say protest provision will chill political speech of communities of color - We would never call this oppression in America now would we.  Call it what it is and it is going on all over in many forms among the America I no longer know. Arrests, steep fines, legal problems, jail and intimidation.  

Occupy: rediscovering the general will in hard times
Romney clashes with Occupy protesters in N.H.
Wall Street Bonuses May Reach Lowest Level in 3 Years
Protesters occupy Liverpool's Tinlings Building
200 Occupy Albany protesters rally at park

Federal Reserve Directors: A Study of Corporate and Banking Influence - Interesting chart published all the way back in 1976

Cameron belatedly signs up to the Occupy movement
OPD Used Violent Cops Against Occupy
Occupy Honolulu Asked Mayor For Immunity
Occupy York plans event at Judicial Center Friday
Jacob Lew, Obama’s New Chief-of-Staff, Will Not Please Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Groups Nationwide Support Occupy Pittsburgh In Their Fight Against BNY Mellon - Another one of those you have to love.  A private company owns the park that they paid for with our taxes.  I guess it is not much different the U.S. Federal Reserve a private banking institution that gets our tax dollars then loans it to the government for interest.  I must be in the wrong racket of working hard and getting paid next to nothing for it.  All I have to do is steal billions from the U.S. citizens and I will go free and never go to jail.  Now if I try to stop those stealing money from me as the working class I will be arrested, fined and probably lose my job over it.

Occupy LSX & UKUNCUT are “Terrorists”?
Occupy London's accounts reveal the cost of protesting
Whatever Happened To #Occupy?
Occupy Washington DC organizer announces plans
Doctors Support Occupy Wall Street Because Wall Street Is Occupying Health Care

Ask Not What Occupy Wall Street Will Do Next; Ask How We Will Change The Status Quo -Repeat link but point that so many don't seem to understand.  Occupy was a desperate call to the people(majority) to stand up and do something.  Occupy isn't an organization that is telling you vote for me or do this.  It is us saying there is a lot wrong and if we don't change it now there may not be a chance later.  The time has come for the people to stand up and do what is right.  We haven't done this in too long!

Four arrests at Lancaster hotel occupied by squatters
The new CHAOS, COINTELPRO and the Occupy movement
The Hip-Hop Summit Adds a New Piece to the Movement: Occupy the Dream
Tea Party and Occupy members to meet on SOPTV
Occupy DC prepares for massive January rally

Wealth Club: Suze Orman Talks Credit Scores, Occupy Wall Street, and the American Dream - The system once your down you can't get up.  Think about the reality here that they state up front.  Years ago they didn't or couldn't do it.  Now your credit rating is checked to get a job, an apartment or even decide your car insurance rates.  This is not only unethical but should be illegal.  A system set up to keep someone down and out once they are down.  It is outright shameful and shameless that we have come to this in America.

Occupy Wall Street debates plans for its 'one percent' wealth
Occupy Atlanta protesters rally to end death penalty
Dutch Occupy movement now just a few activists
Norwalk Resident A Face Of Occupy Movement
Occupy Berlin camp evicted peacefully

More Occupy arrests Protester arrested for hoisting own flag; 13 cited, arrested for camping
Peoples Liberation Front - Press Release
Occupy New Hampshire Counters the Republican Narrative
Occupy Edmonton to reoccupy in February
Barricades at NYC Ex-Occupy Camp Illegal

The Struggle For The Occupy Wall Street Archives
Occupy reaches new phase of movement
Occupy Tampa to celebrate anniversary by targeting for-profit university
Occupy Chapel Hill/Carrboro plans to remove tents, have roving encampments
The Civil War: Occupy DC makes camp at feet of Gen. McPherson

Chris Christie calls heckling Occupy protester ‘sweetheart’ as he stumps for Romney in New Hampshire
Occupy America
Activists Ask City to Divest from Bank of America
Occupy Fort Mitchell protests at Sen. McConnell’s office
Occupy Our Homes Action in New York City Enters Second Month

Let’s Stay Focused: An Occupiers Plea for Moderation (part 1)
Occupy Redlands to give presentation
Occupy Louisville Applies For New Founder’s Square Permit
Activists To March, Rally & 'Occupy Anthem Blue Cross' In Downtown L.A.
Gingrich, Defending Race-Tinged Food Stamp Comments, Is Dogged by Occupy Protesters

There's a better solution than camping, Occupy Boulder
Occupy The Rose Parade - NDAA - Revolutionary Changes in 2012
Occupy on hiatus until ‘critical’ return
Nigerians protest end of fuel subsidy

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