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Saturday, January 14, 2012

occupy / decolonize 1-14-2012

Voices of Occupy Wall Street: - Please if you don't understand or not sure what is going on then listen to at least the audio section of the voices.  Sometimes audio alone can make things even more clear then videos.    Even if you think you disagree take the time to listen too.  Thank you very much for taking that time to listen.

Occupy ‘will never die’: protesters in Washington
OCCUPY – A Global Protest

Members of TWU and Occupy Wall Street to March on MTA HQ
Occupy The World: Global Candlelight Vigil to honor Martin Luther King's Legacy
Occupy D.C.: A protest that deserves The Post’s attention
Occupy Columbia tries to regain momentum with Saturday rally
Occupy protesters consider breaking Asheville camp

Symbolic Occupy Reno demonstration by City Hall within protestors' rights
Occupy Atlanta Takes On Bank To Save Historic Church From Foreclosure
Occupy movement members demonstrate in front of Ontario bank
Occupy Redlands plans MLK vigil
Members of Occupy Dallas left today to attend Occupy Congress in DC

Three Complaints About OWS
Occupy Gainesville, Sunday Jan. 15th, 2012 at 7pm for a Candlelight Vigil 
Federal concern brought to council
Police hiding name badges widespread at Occupy Oakland raids

The Occupy Unconference is Being Held in Solidarity with ImmigrantsOccupy Global Day of Action!
'Occupy Congress' heading for Washington
Yoko Ono brings her project Wish Tree to Occupy Wall Street
Occupy Oakland Day of Health

Issa: Obama ignoring Occupy DC to avoid 'political embarrassment'
Bank Foreclosure Fraud
Troubled by urban poverty and inequality: Edward M. Miggins
Theory and Practice in Occupy
Welcome to Women Occupy!

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