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Friday, January 13, 2012

occupy / decolonize 1-13-2012

Occupy San Diego:Arrested for Felony Conspiracy
Occupy Newspapers
Occupy Purdue uses hand signals to talk about right-to-work
Occupy’s 99 Pledge
Occupy’s 99 Pledge - WhoWhatWhy [video]
Occupy protesters refuse to leave

Occupy Everywhere, Especially New Hampshire
'Occupy' lunch? Hong Kong brokers protest break cut
Occupy protesters refuse to leave Bristol County Court
MLK parade welcomes Occupy, Stop Titan groups
Occupy Nigeria Rally Day 5: Protests Continue Monday If FG, Labour Talks Fail

Occupy Claremont members vow to fight on, even without tents
Occupy Belfast needs you!
Layoffs Hit Wall Street As Financial Needs Change
Haley’s Picking Romney Shocks Tea Party Disrupting Republicans
FIU Police Arrest Occupy Activists For Attempting Concert

Occupy Peoria, Move to Amend tidbits
Occupy Movement: We’re Here To Stay In 2012
Occupy Wall Street: Protesters Organize Candlelight Vigil For Martin Luther King Day
Occupy O.C. protesters opt for a peaceful approach
Oakland Running Festival moves to Lake Merritt over concerns about Occupy Oakland - Now read all the way to the end and it is stated they planned on moving anyway because they needed a bigger space.

Occupy seeks greater campus dialogue - “You could tell me a story about how it’s important to bail out failed financial institutions because it would endanger their creditors,” Sharlet said. “You could also tell me that fiscal considerations prevent aiding those in need — the unemployed, the uneducated or the simply unfortunate, but you can’t tell me those two stories simultaneously.”

Occupy Oakland in 2012
Letter: Occupy threat handled wrong
County, Occupy Scranton meet with no resolution
How the “Occupy” Movement Evokes Spirit of MLK
Alan Moore meets the Occupy men and women behind his mask [UPDATED]

Occupy Evanston protesters launch campaign against Chase Bank
Occupy Together: Occupy Be the Change Caucus Launches
Is the American dream fading?
Occupy protesters set up in Albert Park
OccupyData Hackathon Data Mining and Visualization

Arrested Occupy protesters' next court date set for April 26
When Injustice Becomes Law, resistance Becomes Duty. — Thomas Jefferson
Occupy movement gets Aeroplane force
Letter: Occupy message is one of compassion
Occupy The Dream! MLK Day Brunch, Teach-In, Celebration And Public Meeting

Beyond Occupy: Denver community gets constructive
Occupy Wall St. Takes Up Immigration Reform
Occupy moves on
Mic Check: An Occupier's A to Z
Americans Say Rich vs. Poor Is Nation's Main Source of Conflict

Help us outreach for Jan 20 Shutdown! Please print and post flyers!
Judge drops charges against 28 ‘Occupy Rochester’ protesters
Occupy Florida Interrupts Rick Scott's "State of the State"
Occupy Congress Bus New York City, NY
Is it appropriate for Occupy for Democracy to demonstrate in front of Gov. Rick Snyder's private home?

Occupy Orlando plans protest today outside Chamber
Back to Work – Diagnosing the Emotional State of the Nation

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