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Friday, January 13, 2012

occupy / decolonize 1-13-2012 evening

A Living Wage

The Colbert Report - January 12, 2012 - superpac
Occupy the Patriarchy: We Are the 51 Percent!
Occupy Survival Programs
Christians protecting Muslims as they pray during the NLC #occupy rally in Abuja on 1/10/12
Seven Occupy FIU Demonstrators Arrested At Planned Concert On Campus

TSA Air Marshal Arrested in Mugging of Boston Occupier

Memorial Held for Active Duty Army Sergeant and Occupy San Diego Activist
InterACT Theater Presents MICROCRISIS
99 Andy Fraser - Corporations are not people - Occupy LA
Occupy Friday the 13th
Occupy Pittsburgh's Call for Solidarity


US Media: Are they faking ignorance about Occupy’s message?
99% (The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film)
January 20, 2012 – Move to Amend Occupies the Courts!
This is Lincoln Park today
Occupy London to deliver message to Brookfield Asset Management in protest at the one per cent

Occupy Congress – January 17, 2012 – Join Today

S.F. cops accidentally leaked Occupy raid plans
'Occupy Congress' heading for Washington
'We're Not Broke': The Movement That Helped Spark Occupy Wall Street - Personally I agree that no one particular person, group or organization had much specific to do with the formation or laid a framework.  I think it has been in the minds and hearts of most all along for decades now.  They are just realizing it will continue to get worse unless we all do something about it.

A Quick Overview of SOPA — Will It Pass?
Occupy Portland Open House
Occupy DC says it’s staying put in McPherson Square despite mayor’s call for removal
Movement to Occupy Vacant Houses Spreads
The U.S. vs. Omar Khadr

Occupy Turns From Protest To Piracy With Disruptions - No it is not in any way and please stop the smear tactics, propaganda and sensationalism.  "piracy n. the crime of robbery of ships or boats on the oceans. Accusation, trial and punishment of pirates may be under international agreement applicable anywhere, or under the laws of the particular nation where the accused has been captured." - TheFreeDictionary

Arrested Occupy Group Had Permisson to Demonstrate
Occupy Little Rock holding state convention
Occupy San Diego Protester Recounts Alleged Police Brutality
Occupy, Inc. - Even though, there appears to be satire, sarcasm and humor in this, I have thought at times an approach some what like this might be an option too.  If occupy takes over the companies then they can run them the way they want. :)

Occupii:A New Face In Social Media
Occupy movement needs to be more inclusive
Eviction notices for Occupy campers accused of wreaking havoc in square
Occupy Purdue, local union members criticize Gov. Daniels about right-to-work
USW Praises Occupy Protesters for Honoring King Legacy

Occupied Nigeria: Nonviolence Against Colonialism
Protesters' stories: Dorli Rainey and Occupy Seattle
Occupy Wall Street: Why Wealth Redistribution Cannot Work - Well I know as a small business, I would never want someone like this consulting me.  They know the standard lines but can't see past that the government rules are corporate rules and regulations. Ones that are meant to destroy small business and enhance large corporations.  Now I wonder why it is that way?

Occupy Wellington protesters may be ousted
US to Occupy Persian Gulf? 'Iran is not a sitting duck!
Cop watchers: Anonymous vs. police
How do know things are still bad in Fresno? Occupy Stuffed Animals!
Occupiers aren’t running for office. They have their sights set higher

3 Options for a Post-Occupy City Hall Lawn
Activist Group Opposing Antipiracy Bill Posts Information on Media Executives
Voices from the Occupation - Britain's NHS: Sold to the Highest Bidder - So is privatizing really the answer for the majority or the few in some cases?

Issa seeks answers on Occupy D.C. from Park Service

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