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Thursday, January 12, 2012

occupy / decolonize 1-12-2012 evening

Occupy Oakland... The Port Shutdown and Beyond (an analysis)
Rising Share of Americans See Conflict Between Rich and Poor

Occupy Wall Street Branches Out After Regaining Its Home Base
#OccupyBoston Wicked Pissah Daily
Obama admin sends Coast Guard to protect ships from violent union members, occupiers
Where Did They Get the Money For That?
Top Ten Civil Rights Songs

Occupy Detroit Marches In Solidarity With Emergency Manager Opponents
Save the Internet!
Gray wants Occupy protesters removed from McPherson Square
Elites Occupying Elites
Chalk protester freed after charges dropped

Yoko Ono's Conceptual Project At Occupy Wall Street
The Revolution Will Be Graphic-Designed
#Occupy Hawaii to occupy Monsanto the last week of this month
DJ Spooky, Occupy Wall Street, and the Frictions of Radical Chic
Occupy Sydney Action Against the NDAA: This Saturday, 14th Jan

Occupy protesters have charges thrown out
Occupy Seattle Facilitators Step Back
Occupy Groups Move to End Corporate Personhood, Restore US Democracy
Several Hundred Protesters Await Chance At Public Trial
Voices from the Occupation - I Support the Spartacus Report

‘Occupy’ Protesters File Police Complaints
Hannity tells Perry he sounds like ‘Occupy Wall Street’
‘Occupy AIPAC’ to take on lobby’s legions in ‘business attire’

#OccupyRomney: Pro-Gingrich PAC Aligns Newt With Occupy Wall Street in Attack Documentary -Newt has some like that on the air about Romney too...

Occupied Oakland Tribune faces lawsuit threat over trademark issues
Anonymous targets Israel by publishing SCADA log-in details
Hiring Freeze Hinders a Fight Against Police Misconduct
Fuel Subsidy Removal Protest: Day 4 
Hannity: "Whoever Is Involved In The Killing Of These Iranian Nuclear Scientists, God Bless Them";

Vet Says Soldiers Are Starting to Wake Up to Gov't Lies
Occupy London Finsbury Square to be long-term eco-village
Occupy Atlanta sets up camp outside Vine City church facing foreclosure
Martin Luther King to be honored on his birthday by Occupy Wall Street rally
With folding of Occupy tents, homeless left out in the cold

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