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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

History not on America, Occupy or Tea Party side ...

The 1% have not been shaken in the least.  The toils of the many have done little but allow those in power to see how this can work to their advantage.  The politicians themselves only simple slaves(rich ones in many cases) of those in charge have pointed this out well as they follow their rulers lead.  The Democrat leaders place those current elite in real places of power.  The Republicans scurry about fighting to take back the lead by shaming each other over what the people are already saying.  Independents of all sorts look for their possible opportunity to slip into a position to try and change things in ways they think will help. However, most of the independents appear to also have their own goals still shallow in most cases as well.  They are following the same power structure limits of the rest.  However, all of their little armies continue to do their work at the lowest possible wages and benefits they can get away with.  Thinking to themselves that is the way it works and that is just the way it is.  Has anyone really at this point shown them a path that can make it any better?

 People at the bottom of this totem pole(maybe they are the ones to be most respected in current society too.)  toil with surviving, yet fight back as hard as they feel they can.    However, they raise their voices loud to be heard by many.  They sleep outside for months, years or decades(in some cases) and get ill, tired and arrested.  They organize and toil to fight for their dreams as hard as they work to reach their dreams.  Many hear them, many join, many wonder and many retort their maneuvers.  Do any of them really know who and what they are fighting.  There is something gnawing at their hearts that seems right for this fight but as so many point out what are they asking for.  The majority that have joined just want a chance at more but it is going in many directions and some will win and some will lose.  The fight is just as it has been before, maybe 2000 years or more.  Nothing has changed but those feelings and dreams are still there.

The native/indigenous people of this land are not as they were and do not see the truth anymore.  I don't know if their society ever did see the truth or not before.  Their history is not there to recognize for most of us. It is filled with verbal myths that most of us currently indigenous or not do not understand.  However, they see opportunity to change things too.  Many of them have become part of the same system that is ruling much of the world for a long time now.  Why not they want their piece of the pie in the sky too.  They feel used, abused and mistreated too and it has been that way for a long time(understandable from my viewpoint).  Why not they have been like so many of us that have been at one time or other, treated wrong, unfairly, cruelly and inhumane.  Some are treated like this for days, years and generations if they don't conform to what ever might be the current day norm.

So where does it all go?  What does it all mean?  What happens?  Who is there to blame? Are we fooling ourselves again?  Are we being lead the right way by any side?  Is what is being said coming from the heart?  Are we really looking at the big picture?  Is this any particular person or peoples fault?

I would have to say no there is no one to blame.  There is everyone to blame.  It is US and that is the real truth.  Everyone wants to provide for their families, friends and themselves.  Almost everyone battles these thoughts at times.  Why is that child starving to death?  Why is there war and fighting going on here, there and everywhere?  Why can't the world live in harmony and peace and work towards the greater good?

As my blog clearly points out I am in support of the "occupy" movement/revolution or whatever people want to call it.  I'm not in support of some organization or group of rebels, which doesn't exist as a occupy movement anyway.  I'm in support of "US".  The ideas that have allowed people to join from any walk of life, any age, any organization etc.  The idea of us making this a better world by really looking and talking about things.

Are there a lot good and bad things going on? Isn't this everywhere from your town to the country and around the world?  We can almost all say YES to this in our minds... #wowwealmostallagreed

There is a start IMHO, communicating in a world that we have created.  Communication from the bottom foundations up.  Not trying to figure out every world problem at once but starting from where we do agree and making things better from there.

We have created the best communication tools, travel tools, and other tools that mankind has ever seen in the world before.  We have a chance to make things better in this world for humanity than they have ever been before!

However, they are worse at current, throughout the world, then they have ever been before!  We have more people but we have more children starving to death, more wars, more in prison, more genocides and more horrors than ever before!

I can not say as a human being that we have achieved all these magnificent accomplishments, if humanity along side it did not also improve.  We have been the same for thousands of years and we can change if we want to change.  It is all up to "US" this would have to include the 1%, occupy, tea party, politicians, indigenous people, other nations and the entire world.

The way to start is small though.  It is at the lowest community levels probably at the family level and move up from there.

America has become a leader to many countries around the world.  Can we become a leader again in such an endeavor.  I don't have that answer but my heart, mind and soul longs for "US" to try.

Are we going to rise to this challenge as a civilization for humanity or not?

Is food, water, shelter, work, medical and community not a right?  If not they should be because they are all necessitous to human life?

Please don't bother replying until you change...

Occupy US

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