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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Globalization No Isolation(to an extent)Yes

It is time for America and many nations around the world to stop the current trend of globalization.  The globalization trend of today is about profit and has little or nothing to do with humanity or betterment of mankind.  It is all about filling the pockets of a few.

Few politicians are talking the truth in America there is documentation for decades that has warned of everything that is happening.  All you have to do is a little research and you can see for your self that there have been many people fighting, writing and warning of what is happening for decades if not longer.  As the old saying goes if you can't help yourself you can't help anyone else.

I'm talking pretty much closing the borders to most trade.  It is time to produce and manufacture at home and give the jobs back to the people.  It is time to place huge tariffs on other countries so that Americans can complete against Americans in the business world.  Why should big business make huge profits by using slave labor and sweatshops overseas, while they put Americans out of work.  They not only take away work but they destroy small business because the workers can't afford the local and ethical built products at home with only low paying service jobs.  With that point why should service jobs be so low paying?  They usually do hard work in difficult conditions yet they are paid very low wages in most cases.

I'm talking making the companies responsible for the damages they do to the environment here in America.  They operate clean and correct or not at all.  They can't just move the large companies out of country where there are no restrictions.  Where they can destroy somewhere else where there is no environmental rules or regulations.  They can pay taxes to the infrastructure of this nation and not to another country at the fraction of the cost once again.

Bring the military by large back to the U.S.A. to defend this country and not police the world.  We continue to act in an expansionism direction since WWII.  It is insane, we cannot police the world and to be honest are not helping at all by trying.  It is at a cost that is only helping the wealthiest once again while destroying the people of this nation.  Bring 90 percent of the military back to the United States itself.  I'm not saying throw this military out in the street but create a strong military here in the U.S. where they can spend and build here and not abroad.

Heck, when China and other countries probably now own 20 percent or more of all the property in the United States because the politicians have committed TREASON in my humble opinion.  Get out of this business of borrowing money.  Get out of the business of giving the federal reserve our tax dollars so they can charge the government interest on the money they have received from us.  Why many of these politicians are not going to jail is beyond me???  It goes deeper then this by the Federal Reserve being owned by private corporations that means it is owned by other countries too not just American companies.  These banking institutions that now have the rights as citizens also hold multiple citizenship's around the world.

Which now brings me to corporations as citizens?  How does corporations being recognized as persons become a global problem you might ask?  Ok, it is an absurd concept that is beyond belief that the courts even ever entertained.  However, they did more then entertain it they created corporate personhood.

The fact that they now own the politicians that were supposed to be working for the people is not the only thing that drives me mad.  Now, I know that the powerful elite of other nations actually run this country.  It is not even the U.S.A. corporations running this nation anymore, it is multinational corporations running this country with a sneaky way of getting citizenship.  You are already being ruled by China, Arab countries and other nations around the world.  So don't even try and think you are American anymore or that you live in a free country by the people and for the people.

This freedom and country went away back when the puppets of the elites committed TREASON against their own people!

Welcome to Globalization as most of us never wanted.  That is only part of why there is a global movement starting around the world and not just in the U.S.A.???  Globalization could have been a good thing if it was about humanity and a better world.  However, globalization went the route of profit alone whether it be the yuan, euro, dollar they have all become the same.  Look at the facts and history don't believe me.

Call it like it is the permanently indentured or slave 99 percent to the monies system.

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