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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Be There if you can! Occupy / Decolonize Rose Parade! Peacefully and march at the end...

Occupy the Rose Parade

Be there if you can make this a memorable "occupy / decolonize" event!  I would be there if I could but on the east coast and have to work tomorrow.  I don't own my own private jet yet, so can't make it on time.

Occupy Rose Parade Org
Occupy Rose Parade Phase 1: January 1, 2012 from 3-6 pm
Occupying the Rose Parade. For Fun. And Wisconsin Recall Signatures!
Occupy The Rose Parade
Tea Party to square off against Occupy at the Rose Parade - If you are for the Tea Party join with Occupy, carry your concerns but join with them for a united day.  Don't have "any" conflict.  It is not a day for conflict but a day to join together in solidarity for the 99 percent and the Tea Party.  Have fun by the people and for the people.  thanks...

Occupy The Rose Parade preparation complete with rapping 'billionaire'
Occupy the Rose Parade (Mon; Jan 2, 2012)
Occupy Rose Parade
Occupy the Rose Parade's Octopus Float Is 70 Feet of Awesome (PHOTOS)
Tournament of Roses to Occupiers: You Can't March in Our Parade

Occupy the Rose Parade - It should be a day to show that members of the occupy movement can smell just like a rose.

Occupy LA Preps Rose Parade Demonstration

Inland Empire protesters support Occupy The Rose Parade
Occupy activists target Rose Parade for protest
‘Occupy’ Group Denied Slot in Rose Parade - Sure would have been nice to have the veterans marching, marching bands, Indian Nations, floats and more for the "occupy" parade that follows.  Don't know if it could still happen but it would be nice.  Huge parade behind the parade to benefit and give enjoyment to the families and people of this community and beyond if they broadcast it.  I will be watching to see what you folks do for occupy for sure!  I watch and enjoy the parade every year and to miss occupy in there this year would spoil it for me.

Occupy Rose Parade, peaceful march planned - Heck even though there have been clashes with some anarchists groups, I would love to see them marching out there(peacefully for this event of course).  People don't always want to accept it or place it in many history books but anarchist groups have been major role players in much of our U.S. history.  Much of it is very positive throughout our history too.  

Pasadena's Occupy Group Doesn't Support the Occupy the Rose Parade Protest - The idea might be to show that we care and do for the community.  The same reason that in Charleston there is a potluck every Sunday to support those in need in the community.  Getting arrested or kicked out of parks should not be what occupy is known for but bettering the community should be!  Why let corporate entities take all this credit in such a parade to show how good they are. When we the people should demonstrate that we are the ones really helping the community.  Guess what most of the corporations are using the 99 percent to create the illusion that it is the company doing good and not the people.  The people should take credit when credit is do.  Make the best part of this parade be supplied by the people for the family.  This is what democracy looks like!  Helping each other and making a better world.  Good is what will bring down the Plutocracy!

occupy activists prepare take message rose parade
Occupy the Rose Parade ~ The Aftershock.
Rose Parade security beefed up as Occupy plans protest
Just Imagine The Rose Parade Occupied For The People

Don't occupy the parade, be the parade!  Have a fun and great day and share it with the world!  Don't occupy tents or parks tomorrow.  Parade in the streets with pride and honor!  Make things from roses and demonstrate improvising, adapting and overcoming all the obstacles.

Dr. Cornell West Speaks in Pasadena, Ca. 12-18-11

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