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Saturday, December 10, 2011

What people forget, if there is only a few...

Because, there is only a few doesn't make it any less viable or important.  It is the few that are the most important.  A movement that is about the 99 percent needs to remember that the power is in the individual.  Don't get caught up in the same mode that 1 percent has that by manipulating the masses you will gain.

I don't think that the "occupy" movement has been co-opted by this concept, much at this point.  However, the power is the people, but the real power is within the individuals ideas and actions!  Horizontal organizations as they grow bigger and "occupy" has done this need to maintain that horizontal control.  It gets more difficult to manage in this style leadership with larger numbers involved.  It can easily be forgot that it is about hearing everyone's voice.

The ability to improvise, adapt and overcome is always at its best with individuals and small groups.  The larger any entity becomes the more difficult it is to deploy those same skill sets.  So remember whether you are 1 or 20 smaller is better and more productive than all the people in the U.S.A.

What made America so pronounced around the world to begin with was the individual and the idea of rights for each and every individual.  The idea of individual freedom, the idea of the individual having a say, the idea of the individual having a chance.

Everyone counts and everyone should count all the time... A few are as strong, if not stronger than the many.

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