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Saturday, December 3, 2011

What is the real deal with "Occupy" movements

Over 16 trillion tax dollars giving to corporations mostly banks and financial institutions(more than the entire national debt.).  The banks mainly received that money for gambling away money and losing it.  Creating money like the fed did, in this case, devalues the dollars, cutting the pay of Americans without them even directly realizing a real reduction in their take home pay.  Many working class individuals are working more hours for less because of it.  Banks are still foreclosing on those that can't find work and making even more profits.

Medical treatment and needed medicines for the average American gets harder and harder to get. People are making choices between eating, shelter or medical because they can't afford all of them.  Colleges costs soar ever higher and higher with less and less opportunities for jobs when they get out of college.

The unemployment only gets lower because people are giving up looking for work. Politicians saying take a shower and get a job when there are 5000 applicants for 100 positions.  Someone tells another to join the military when they are already cutting the numbers and will be cutting much more on the numbers of military members as budget cuts grow even deeper.

The U.S.A. has created an economy where 70 percent of its GDP comes from consumer spending, which is also made up of a majority of low paying service jobs.  So the media and corporations spread across the news waves that Americans have to spend to help the economy.  Now at the same time MSM screams across those same news waves that Americans are in deep dept with little or no savings.  Spend, spend and spend but save more, what an oxymoron.  Spend more, save more, work more and harder for less, now where is ANY logic in all this.

American salaries go stagnant and losing more ground as everything around them goes up in price.  American manufacturing and every other conceivable job and career continue to be sourced out.  Careers and jobs go to overseas locations, because, companies and corporations can pay less money, give less benefits and have less regulations (doesn't matter if it is slave or child labor or mass deadly pollution being created. One of the reasons for the demand of less regulation here we don't have it overseas and we can't compete with that.  Do we want too?).

Not only are the jobs being sourced out but markets are being sourced in because Americans can't afford the homes or education any more.  We have other people from other nations acquiring our lands, our businesses and going to our colleges.  I have little problem with other countries doing that but when many of your people in your own land can't  afford too there is a major problem there.  It is exactly what some countries have accused America of doing in the past, in their countries, they called it getting taking advantage of and exploitation.

Some politicians saying we should fire the janitors and make the children clean the schools.  Why not it has been a long time since we have had children labor camps in this country.  Those janitors were wasting to much of the tax payers money anyway.  They know how to sleep on the streets too.

The rich get richer and poor and working class get poorer during difficult times, it is in the numbers.  Knocking down the few unions that still exist by pointing out look those folks have more cookies then you.  They shouldn't have more then you.  Tell them they have to give it up for the better of the whole.  I see a rich company or individual that is scamming the system by not paying any taxes and making outrageous bonus, incentives etc. telling the other poor guy look he can afford to pay for his medications.  We know you can't afford it, because we cut that from your benefits, so why should he be able to afford it?  As a matter of fact he is the reason we aren't giving it to you and will have to take more from you.  Go get that other working stiff and make him give up more, hurry.  Now try and ask a corporation or politician to go tax the richest a little more.  Oh NO, they are the job creators we can't do that.  Well they are FAILING at the job creation miserably.  So maybe the tax will let them know the American people are considering firing them for doing such an awful job at it!

I can go on for pages and pages of the insane corruption and lack of human decency taking place inside American society today.  The real point is the occupy movements so called lack of demands and leadership is not confusing in the least.  It is a clear message, it just contains a lot of material.  There are to many things that have to be fixed all at once or none of them will get fixed at all.

The majority know this but some rather stay right where they are, some still don't understand, some are convinced otherwise, some are afraid of change, some are satisfied where there they are, some are corrupt themselves and winning at everyone else's cost, others still maybe confused even more reasons etc.

Many of the millions now supporting and or now involved in the "occupy" movements understand what is going on around them and are very frustrated.  The media is not that shallow that they don't understand this too.  However, much of the media is part of this system of corruption today and how can they admit easily that they are?  Some politicians may really be that far from reality now-a-days that they truly don't understand it.  Maybe they need to give their millions of dollars and benefits away and try to live like the average citizen for a while.  They may find out that way and really understand.

If your still questioning and trying to figure out what "occupy" is all about just do some good old fashioned homework and you may realize that you are part of the movement yourself already.

The real deal is look at your values, your concerns, your problems, your hopes and dreams!  Then ask yourself are occupiers right?  Is it time for a MAJOR restructuring of America?  Or are the corporate owned media and politicians right?  Who do the corporations, media and politicians really answer to right now?

 Yes, such a large mass of people and groups will have fringe entities and multitude of opinions and ideas.  The real deal is what side of humanity do you believe you belong on during this struggle?  This struggle occupy is fighting is about rights and to be able to pursue liberty, and justice for all.

 Again, The real deal is look at your values, your concerns, your problems, your hopes and dreams!  Do you want a land of liberty and justice for all that we as a nation can try and make happen?  Or do you think that is what we have now?

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