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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Watch Out! The Ideas are Out!

What complexity, diversity and popularity there is with the "occupy" movements.  The shutting down of "occupations" may have been a good thing at this stage. I see what has happened across the nation and the world as just giving this group of free thinking folks a chance to be even more creative and effective.  I see the moves that have taking place, as doing more for motivating and bringing more people to the groups and more action in motion.

It's moving things along to Main St where the real people are and hurting.  You know that place that many rich and politicians don't ever see nor do they understand anymore.  As the cliche goes the cat has been let out of the bag.  Or the way I would put it today is, "The virtual web, is coming to real life.".

Watch Out! The Ideas are Out! Beware it has been lurking for many years the people never went away.  They were always there.  They were watching.  They always knew.  They were giving you a chance to better your ways.  Now the time has come to make things right and those chances are over. Watch Out!  The Ideas are Out!

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