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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tea Party and Occupy

One of the things that I do like about "occupy" is the intention of not being co-opted by any party.  The party system is part of the problem just as the 1 percent are part of the problem.  The parties are controlled by money and the 1 percent not the people.

The Tea Party is trying to change the system from with in the system and the movement itself has been co-opted and corrupted in this fashion.  Now the Tea Party movement is part of the problem itself.  It is not the honest power and concern from individuals in the movement but the cogs in the wheel that are already corrupted by the same system they were protesting themselves.

The current system that is well established and very powerful is corrupted at the heart so anything thrown into that same machine has little or no chance of surviving as a pure grass roots movement.  No, there is no perfect answer but the fact remains that sometimes you do need to throw out the bathwater.  If you try to bath with dirty water over and over eventually it is nothing but mud and not water anymore.

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