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Monday, December 26, 2011

Profit vs. People, Fairness, Justice

Not real numbers, but lets say there is 150 million working Americans.  Now if they can be coerced to work for  $1.00 an hour less for an average of 8 hours a day, that would be 1.2 billion dollars a day additional profits for corporations.  It would be $40.00 a week for the average person.

That may not seem like much but employers, taxes, insurance, inflation and prices continue to do well at squeezing workers for a dollar here and a dollar there.  Now with just 5 items that is $200.00 a week.  Well the average Worker has been seeing this over and over again.  It has gone past the point for many to where they are choosing between medical or food, gas or home.  Why so many cannot see this is beyond me.

Overview of BLS Wage Data by Area and Occupation
List of minimum wages by country
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Excerpts below from this story: A tale of two systems

"In 2010, over 5.5 million cars were produced in Germany, twice the 2.7 million built in the United States. Average compensation (a figure including wages and employer-paid benefits) for autoworkers in Germany was 48.97 Euros per hour ($67.14 US), while compensation for auto work in the United States averaged $33.77 per hour, or about half as much as in Germany, all according to 2007 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. For Germany-based auto producers, the U.S. is a low-wage country. "

"At that Chattanooga plant, according to a company spokesperson, new employees earn $14.50 an hour, with wages gradually rising to $19.50 after 3 years on the job."

"A representative of BMW’s Spartanburg plant declined to divulge wages employees earn in its South Carolina (non-unionized) facility, but the Washington Post reported last year that employees at the plant earned $15 per hour."

(blogcruiser comment) So do "Right to Work" states really work?  It doesn't appear that way for the worker any way.  It works great for the company but not anyone else because who do you you think picks up the bills for under employed and lower wage workers when it comes to medical etc.  You got it the taxpayer.  Another brilliant corporate welfare scheme that slips right past the average person.  Well you all figure it out and make your own decisions. 

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