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Thursday, December 29, 2011

O.w.S. in the news 12-29-2011 evening

Storify Reveals Its Favorite User-Generated Story of 2011
99% – The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film
Jerry Brown On Occupy Oakland: Governor Vows To Help Prevent Port Shutdown
Occupy Wall St Behind the Scenes
Occupy Bus is dedicated to the logistics of the Occupation movement

Occupy L.A.: Free speech is free - Unfortunately, the statement should be so true!  However, as people have found out if they didn't already know many places require paid permits, insurance, etc.  All that is being stated by fees and rules as such is that free speech is for those that can pay for it.  The poor, the homeless and others have not had free speech in this country for a long time.  If you have money, you can have free speech that is exactly what the rules state and enforce.   Really doesn't the simplest of things such as this state quite simply what the "occupy" groups are already trying to say.  If not let me state it, we have lost our way in America and it is time to replace the operating system and reboot.

Live Blog for #Occupy Movement: National Mall’s Union Square to Be Controlled by Capitol Police
Homeless 'occupy' abandoned US homes
Winter: Occupy Wall Street protesters driven, and directionless
Noam Chomsky To The Occupy Movement
Occupy Wall Street In Iowa

Bellingham Police Dress in Full Riot Gear to Clear Unarmed, Nonviolent Occupy Campers
5 Occupy protesters arrested outside of Ron Paul campaign headquarters in suburban Des Moines
Peggy At Occupy OKC
Occupying the Arts, a Seat at a Time

Occupy Boston activist's Twitter info subpoenaed
Views from the top: Does the 'Occupy' movement have a point?
Behold The Power of Events: Occupy Your World
Activists Seek to "Occupy Malden"
Banks can't keep up with foreclosures anymore

The Occupy Movement
Occupy LA protesters plan presence at Rose Parade
Occupy Harrisburg staying put, cites good relationship with local police
Occupy Hawaii Island Movement Plans Protest Near Pelosi's Posh Hawaiian Hotel
Wilson Confronts Occupy Columbia Protesters

#OccupyBoston Wicked Pissah Daily
The Hacks That Mattered in the Year of the Hack
Twitter Subpoena Reveals Law Enforcement Monitoring OWS Via Social Media
Permit extended for Washington protesters

Occupy Murfreesboro Remains Despite Warnings 
No courthouse rally for charged Occupy N.S. protesters
Fredericton’s Mayor gives Occupy protesters until New Year’s Day to leave camp
DOJ Aggressively Investigating Police Brutality

Why I’m Involved in the Occupy Movement
Occupy Miami holds its ground, but some Occupiers are part-timers
Occupy and the militarisation of policing protest
Economy, protests occupied Capitol

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