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Thursday, December 29, 2011

O.w.S. in the news 12-29-2011 morning

Occupy Wall Street = Obama ‘08 Supporters, Says ‘Occupy the Iowa Caucuses’ Leader
Occupy protester 'banned' from flight home for Christmas
‘Occupy’ in Iowa Vows to Respect State’s Influential Role
Protesters Occupy St Paul's Cathedral Square
Occupy the Rose Parade plan begins to gel

Freedom of Expression, the ‘Occupy’ Movement, and the Dismantling of Tents: A Case Comment on Batty v. City of Toronto
Ron Paul Iowa Event Interrupted By Occupy Protesters
Occupy Austin, 2011
Foundations of a Global Econocracy

Small Occupy Movements Across the Country Accumulate Victories
Oakland’s Mayor Wrestles With Occupy Movement
Energy, Money and Power
Occupy Boulder, homeless proponents decry parks closure rule
Occupy Facebook: Social Network for Protesters in the Works

Occupy Missoula to stay on courthouse lawn as county works on camping ban
City, protesters say 'Occupy' expenditure too high - Sad that you have to pay to use your first amendment rights.  How ironic that the very system that you may be assembling against has the right to create those charges and rules for those who assemble.  An obvious conflict of interest there be.

'Occupy the Dream' Aims to Grow Black Business Ownership
‘Occupy’ organizer has central Ohio roots
How to Film a Revolution - a tutorial - Occupy the Movie
Occupy blogger fighting subpoena
Occupy Ithaca Movement Now Lies with Mayor

Global Year in Review: A dark view of year ahead

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