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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

O.w.S. in the news 12-28-2011 evening

Occupy and the hostile media

Romney Conjures Occupy Wall Street in New Campaign Video
Occupy Wall Street plus Anonymous may equal city computer outages
Occupy Wall Street Sues Cities For Unlawful Evictions
Occupy Protesters in Iowa Respect State’s Powerbroker Role
Paul Tells Iowans He Can Bridge Occupy Movement and Tea Party

INTERNATIONAL PROTEST: 5 November: International Day of Solidarity with Workers in Iran
Freedom Plaza's Occupy Protesters Get National Park Service Permit Extension
Protesters file for permit to “Occupy Congress”
Occupy Lancaster still going, but set to move at the beginning of 2012
How The NYPD Tried And Failed To Cancel Christmas For Occupy Wall Street

Proposal for 12/29: Occupy Dartmouth Tent
Occupy Your Sidewalk With A Micro-Library
Protester arrested during side-by-side food drives
Apartment boom, 'Occupy' among 2011's notable happenings
Occupy Atlanta protests the shooting of 19-year-old

Freeze Flash Mob & Police Brutality - Unedited Cop Punch
What Next For Occupy Columbia, Charlotte?

Corfu, Greece: Poster for the defense of occupied spaces
Activists Seek to "Occupy Malden"
Occupy the future
Jesse Jackson to visit Occupy Des Moines
JPMorgan’s Swaps Occupying Cassino Prove Curse Like World War II

Occupy Wall Street: Police Intimidation, Online Misinformation Campaigns Abound

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