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Sunday, December 25, 2011

O.w.S. in the news 12-26-2011 morning

Occupy Wall Street marks Christmas with prayers
Occupy Wall Street Protesters Spend Christmas in Zuccotti Park
Occupy Salt Lake City protesters plan for 2012
Occupy Boulder organizes town hall on proposed overnight parks closure
‘Occupy is sexy' - Might want to add that it is far from over too.  The possibilities of this continuing to grow are not only quite possible but probable.

Occupy’s ‘Anonymous’ Hackers Break Into Stratfor
Occupy Santa Fe perseveres through winter - Go Santa Fe, subsistence farming, hunting, fishing and shelter should never go away from any Americans rights.

Occupy . . . the past?
Modern-Day Scrooges Must Learn the Lesson of 'A Christmas Carol'
Ice Cream Mavens Backing Occupy Movement
Berkeley PD Deny Police Raid of Occupy
#NDAA protest at White House fence in silence #occupydc #ows #occupy

Newt Gingrich: ‘I Call On The President To Repudiate The Concept Of The 99 And The 1′
A love song for Wall Street
Radiohead cheer for protesters
Solidify Occupy: A Suggestion for What's Next

Protesters occupy plaza across from Tennessee Capitol on Christmas Day
Latest New Yorker cover mocks the 1%'s reaction to Occupy Wall Street
John Wolf: Occupy Wall Street a movement of justice
Occupiers react to police reactions
Occupy Any Street could be called class warfare

Occupy Scranton tents removed
‘I don’t believe in objectivity... everyone has biases’
A Village in Revolt Could Be a Harbinger for China
Patience with D.C. Occupy-ers is wearing thin
Occupy Minn: "We've Been Grinched", Signs Missing

Occupy movement not done in by Portland City Council vote
Occupy Columbia ends round-the-clock Statehouse protests, leaves SC Gov. Haley a tent
Occupy movement attracts all ages, gains strength in diversity
Protesters Take Time to Reflect Over Holidays
Occupy Christmas!

Occupy Youngstown Continuing Fight Against Corporate Influence
Occupy Albany camp dismantled
Occupy Wall Street what for ?
D.C. mayor conflicted by Occupy movement
Occupy: From reactors to deciders

Occupy Syracuse seeks blankets, warm clothes, as winter moves in - I've lived in Syracuse NY and Anchorage AK and they can certainly use anything warm this time of year in Syracuse.  So help them out if you can.

 SLO Occupy camp all but unoccupied
Another face of US recession: homeless kids
Occupy Wall Street’s ‘We are the 99 percent’ tops Yale list of year’s most memorable quotes
The 'People's Caucus' To Protest Iowa Voting
Occupy Palm Beach County stages second protest on the island

Long before Occupy, thousands served homeless, hungry - Remember not to knock those that have been doing so much.  However, those who have been doing so much don't knock those that may just be learning of the problem that still is not resolved.  The fact is that there shouldn't be such a problem in this country but there is still is and maybe the answer is coming down the road.

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