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Monday, December 26, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 12-26-2011 afternoon

Pictures of Occupy Wall Street
Occupy 2012
The Occupy movement has just begun Simply explains the first scam of the F.R.B. that should disgust anyone. Then explains simply the sincere insanity of granting an establishment the rights of a person.

Massachusetts Senate race tests feelings about Wall Street
Opinion: Occupy Wall Street brought economic injustice out into the open
St Paul's plans for lasting legacy of Occupy protest
The Future of Occupy DC in 2012
Where Occupy London went wrong

"Occupy" is the word of the year
Occupy Fredericton taps into Christmas spirit
Christmas can't lure away Occupy Nashville protesters
Occupy Movement, Egypt can learn together
Occupy Orange County to end overnight camping in Irvine

Occupy Eugene campers almost all vacated, private security takes over patrol
Occupiers, Volunteers Clean up Former Campsite on Christmas Day
Break Up the Banks
Uniting Occupy and Labor Over Health Care
The Anarchivists: Who Owns the Occupy Wall Street Narrative?

Hamilton County Commission Surprise Vote Calls For Legal Action Against Occupy Chattanooga
Opinion: Occupy Pop Culture
13,000 More cc Details From STRATFOR Leaked By Anonymous
Hackers Breach the Web Site of Stratfor Global Intelligence
We are the 146% - Russians Refuse to be Rooked as 120,000 March in Moscow

ANALYSIS: When Medicare isn't Medicare
Occupy Wall Street parasites promise "covert special-ops" and asymmetrical warfare strategy
Occupy My Heart: A Revolutionary Christmas Carol
2011 in Review: 9/11, gay marriage approval and Occupy Wall Street protests were biggest stories in New York City

Occupy Caucus headquarters expected to become a cultural center
If You Care About Keystone and Climate Change, Occupy Exxon
Occupy movement continues at East LA College
A Message to All Police Officers From Occupy Wall Street
Pasadena police ramp up for Occupy the Rose Parade

Occupy guru Kalle Lasn: “Just wait and see.”
Police report aggressive action as Occupy Eugene camp breaks up
A quiet Occupy Ogden Christmas
How Germany Builds Twice as Many Cars as the U.S. While Paying Its Workers Twice as Much

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