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Saturday, December 24, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 12-24-2011

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John Wolf: Occupy Wall Street a movement of justice
Occupy Wall Street becomes highly collectible
Occupy Design: Visual Tools for the 99 Percent
Archiving Occupy Wall Street and unionizing Amazon: This week’s policy picks from

Another face of the U.S. recession: homeless children
Will the Occupy Wall Street movement fizzle out?
ERIC SCHMIDT: We Don't Talk About Occupy Wall Street In The Valley Because We Don't Have Those Problems

L.A. might sue Occupy L.A. protesters for financial damages - I like the last quote, "This was a peaceful movement," he said. "They're the ones that decided to use that amount of police, that amount of force."  A point that right at the home mark, are governments no longer know how to budget and spend the money they do have or don't have.  They create larger bills by using money they don't have.  It is just disgraceful they even think of the idea to sue.  It probably would cost them another 10 million in court costs to pursue the case and who would pick up that tab the people again.  Who were the those in the park the people too.  The entire money idea is just another smear tactic(organized campaign) like the many others against the occupy movement.

Occupy Albany leaves lasting impact
The Degeneration of Occupy Wall Street Into A Charity - Justin appears to want to blame someone else rather than try and resolve a reality that has always been there.  Nothing changed but his own perspective and opinion itself from what I can see.

Occupy London camp to remain at St Paul's into new year
Occupy Long Beach march protests veteran's arrest
Suffolk District Attorney subpoenas Occupy Boston Twitter info
Occupy Protesters Greet Romney On The Campaign Trail In New Hampshire
Court documents: Police officer kicked in groin at Occupy DC encampment vomited at scene

"I'll Occupy" Recruitment Song: The 99 is Pissed and We Will Not Be Dismissed!
Occupy Tucson Reconvenes Joyfully; So, What’s Next?
Ex-Iowans return to join Occupy protesters
Occupy goes underground to protest bank policies
Protester was hoping not to Occupy Jail

Occupy protesters set up 'symbolic protest'
Occupy Eviction Decision Postponed, But Are They Going Anyway?
Occupy Interfaith Celebration In Liberty Square
Occupy Torrington organizers 'frustrated' by lack of momentum
An Occupy Boise Christmas

Faculty, students “occupy the future”
Staging a protest — on a makeshift stage
Occupy Wall Street, Mass Media and Progressive Change in the Tea Party Era: Our Window of Opportunity

Occupy St. Barts
ACLU supporting protesters
Women of Occupy Wall Street issue solidarity statement with Egyptian women
Occupy O.C. comforts woman facing foreclosure
Time to 'Occupy' our responsibilities - Someone that doesn't understand what is really going on and has an honest divide in thought.

Occupy San Diego Riders Raid Malls, Port

A sad thing to think about is that the failure of the many is profit and gain for a few!  Why do the many continue down the same path?  Why do the many put up with such evil?

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