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Thursday, December 22, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 12-22-2011 morning

Occupy Wall Street, Unions Learn How To Work Together, Slowly
Manifesto for a World Gone off its Meds
'Occupy Wall Street' protester has Gaston County ties
Occupy Wall Street's 'occucopter' – who's watching whom?
A local band's Occupy Wall Street anthem

Berkeley police and Occupy protesters face off over park encampment
Occupy Berkeley campers face imminent eviction
The woman behind Occupy Darien
Occupy Boston protesters end lawsuit
RI Occupy to leave park if city opens shelter

Occupy group protests injection well in Hubbard
Hamilton County Commission acts on Occupy Chattanooga
Occupy Austin trial centers on city policy
What If We Occupied Language?
Occupy Christmas

Attorneys for SC, Occupy Columbia back in court
Occupy Houston to Protest Egyptian, Russian Consulate
Occupy North pole
Occupy Castro activists speak out against supervisor
Occupy protesters denounce indictments

Occupy Delaware goes caroling
8 “Occupy” protesters arrested at Iowa Democratic Party headquarters
Police Brutality Alleged in Tuesday Arrest at Occupy Long Beach Site
Occupy Richmond protests leave mayor's neighborhood
Couple donates solar panels to generate light at Occupy Boise encampment

Occupy Crackdown: CIA plays new version of "I Won't Tell You."
Protesters occupy Corvallis Post Office
Occupy East New York
‘Occupy’ protests come to China, and the Party is shaken
Occupy Detroit Marks Winter Solstice With Inclusive Celebration At Grand Circus Park

Some Hollywood polish to help protesters



Long live the occupy movement, I am following you good sir.

BlogCruiser said...

Long live, agreed, the occupy movement and ty...