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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 12-21-2011

What in the Dickens? Occupy-ed with a radical new 'Christmas Carol'
Occupy Lansing protestors: Freedom isn't free
Independent probe launched into Oakland cop tactics at Occupy protests
New hearing set for Occupy Columbia protesters

Oakland council rejects resolution to police port against protesters
Oakland Councilman seeks violence to crush Occupy Oakland protesters
Bankers, Billionaires Try to Form Movement Against OWS
Occupy protesters denounce indictments
Head-Roc, Dead Prez Perform Free Concert For Occupy DC In McPherson Square

#OWS | Your Time Is Now
Occupy Darien Could Use A Hand Here
Occupy DC: one of the few remaining
Global Politics Occupy a Quiet Block and Throw Local Family Into Turmoil
China: 30,000 Haimen Residents "Occupy" Public Highway In Protest Of Coal-Fired Power Plants

Occupy Moscow
CrossTalk: Occupy Globe (ft. Pepe Escobar)
occupy russia
New Occupy Campsite Against the Law
Occupy D.C.: 11 arrested while protesting National Defense Authorization Act

The Black Occupy Protester — Missing in Action
Occupy protest at Rose Parade angers 'tea party' activists - I don't see 'occupy' as being political but trying to get people to remember to be human again.
Occupy Wall Street’s New Drone: ‘The Occucopter’
Occupy protestors disrupt Gingrich presser

Occupy Berkeley protesters handed eviction notice
Auditor to investigate Occupy Oakland protests
Occupy Wall Street: the Lego Set - Satire but in reality not really very funny.
Bank of America Settles for $335 Million in Latino Discrimination Lawsuit
should occupy chattanooga protesters be ousted from the courthouse lawn?

Occupy Members Plan to Vote "Uncommitted" at Iowa Caucuses
Occupy Pittsburgh To Picket Outside Of Status Conference
What do the G20 & Occupy Movements Have in Common?
Occupy Vancouver says protesters doled out $760K in social services

The Occupy movement struggles to resonate within the black community
'Give us our park back' mayor tells protesters
Dead Prez performs Occupy DC
Occupy Wall Street Thank You Video Released
USW Supports Continued Existence of Occupy Pittsburgh Encampment

District churches embrace Occupy DC

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