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Monday, December 19, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 12-19-2011 evening

The hate of men will pass, and dictators die... (Inspiring words from Charlie Chaplin)
Occupy Journalism: The cultural shift in citizen broadcasting
Occupy Harvard Rips Administration, Delivers Coal to the ‘Naughty Boys’ of Harvard
Occupy Doesn’t Have a Platform — It is a Platform
Are NDAA, SOPA, Occupy Wall Street and Anonymous Off-Limits on Twitter?

What Lies Ahead For Occupy Wall Street?
Homeless In New York Highlighted In Aftermath Of Occupy Wall Street Zuccotti Eviction
Student Journalists At OWS Offered Free Legal Advice
"Occupy Wall Street: A Holiday Survival Guide"
8 “Occupy” protesters arrested at Iowa Democratic Party headquarters

150 California Occupy Groups, UC Riverside Report Finds
Occupy mantra tops best quotes of 2011
Occupy San Jose Returns With Tents
Occupying the Rose Parade -- but tamely
Voices of the Occupation: What they'll take away

Immigrants Occupy! Building A Movement Culture
Occupy Baltimore was purposeful — and worked
Occupy Members Allege Harassment by NOPD
From Exposure to Action- A New Turn in the Occupy Movement
Demonstrators occupy downtown Bellevue

Occupy Faith Planning 24-Hour Christmas Vigil at Zuccotti, If Brookfield Allows
Occupy Orlando holds mock funeral to lay Bill of Rights to rest 
Occupy protestors picket Amherst bank
Globalization 2011: Occupy circles the planet

A Sign Occupy Wall Street Is Having Political Impact
Train & Lead Members to Occupy State Buildings & Takeover Banks - If it is what you have to do to make things right then it is what you have to do.  If I remember correctly at one time there was a real Tea Party that went a lot further than simple disobedience.

Occupy Fort Lauderdale Protests Family's Eviction
One True Act of Patriotism: Our #OWS Interview with Shysti
Occupy Appalachia: End Mountaintop Removal Mining!
Grant UN Rapporteur on Torture Juan Mendez Access to Bradley Manning
Holiday shoppers pledge to 'Occupy Christmas' and buy American

Crackdown at Occupy New Orleans: Mayor Landrieu’s Peaceful Authoritarianism
Occupy protesters in UBS bank building win legal victory
Occupy Denver confronts cloaked man who might or might not be Dick Cheney
Occupy Education
Sheehan, Occupy Woodland protest Chase home foreclosures

Occupy Santa Ana Backs off Occupation
Labor unions sever ties with Occupy Duluth
Occupy Binghamton Protesters Arrested After Bank Occupation
Oakland may turn police loose on Occupy blockades

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