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Sunday, December 18, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 12-18-2011 evening

‘Occupy yourself' with attention, awareness

Occupy Bellingham protest, RE Sources lawsuit among top stories of the week - Please for everyone's sake do not try this with a moving train.  It can take miles for a train to stop it is not like a car.  I remember years back when a group of protesters did this to try and stop a moving train.  Well they all DIED because the train cannot stop quickly.  Just thought for safety.  It doesn't help anyone if someone dies!

Occupy denounces local Democratic Party endorsement
Occupy Highlights Authoritarian Behavior by Police
Women to Occupy Mission Valley Mall
Occupy Harvard Plans To Remove Their Tents, Now It’s Time To Open The Yard
Occupy’s new gig: Tour guides - You don't always have to fight the system to win.  You can use it against itself, it can be easier and less painful that way.  It hands you the tools, look at the daily show in America, it most definitely makes a good profit just handing you back the satire of what is already there to show.  Maybe, it is just time to take over the banking and money systems around the world and make them what we want.  Time to make co-ops more powerful than ever before...

Giles Fraser: 'Economic justice is the number one moral issue in the Bible'
Occupy Wall Street Brutality Bath: Just STOP Already
The OccupyUSA Blog: Special Weekend Edition!
Best of 2011 in architecture: Christopher Hawthorne
Fifty Protesters Arrested During Occupy Anniversary, Journalists Beaten, Detained

'We are the 99 percent' chosen as year's top quote
Arrests as Occupy Wall Street movement turns to church
'Occupy' protests trigger envy, ire in Generation X
Occupy Wall Street's center shows some cracks
Occupy Wall Street theater is a jab at political paralysis

Occupying Memphis: Protesters celebrate third month of Wall Street movement
Indian 'Occupy Wall Street' movement takes rootshape
‘Occupy Ledra Street’ has UN’s blessing
2 arrested in Occupy Portland march Saturday
Occupy Gotham: Batman Is The 1%

What's Occupy Olympia's legacy? Depends on which Heritage Park user you ask
Occupy meets Open Carry in the East Bay - The over all attitude in the news about open carry bothers me.  If everyone is carrying a gun to an occupy rally, maybe the protests would be attacked less violently by police.  Yes, that could backfire the other way too, but it is a right for open carry in many places. Why should people frown upon this this right and not support it any less then freedom of speech?  Just food for thought...

Dick Gregory Meets with Occupy D.C., Supports Fast for D.C. Statehood
Occupy Redlands Makes Another Attempt to Meet Rep. Lewis
"Goldman friggin' Sachs" - Gov. Buddy Roemer on MSNBC's Morning Joe
Occupy Augusta members still meet
Denver backing off removing Occupy items for now

Police: At least 6 Occupy Raleigh protesters arrested in NC’s capital after blocking street
Hundreds of Occupy Wall Street protesters rally for immigrant rights
The Four Occupations of Planet Earth: How the Occupied Became the Occupiers

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