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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 12-13-2011 morning

#scottolsen @ivaw leading #oo #portshutdown march #d12 #ows #occupysf
Occupy Houston protestors being handled in private

Occupy Wall Street Stirs Up Radical Ideas in Indian Country
Occupy Wall Street leaders, heady with momentum, plan to continue blockades, similar protests
Police remove Occupy Baltimore protesters
Occupy Flint demonstrators stay put for now
Occupy The Ports & Goldman Sachs HQ

First eviction try fails as Occupy Pittsburgh holds on
Occupy movement sees American social justice at stake
Occupy Ogden: Congress infringing on rights
99% (The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film)
Global Brainstorming on Human Rights

Occupy the Classroom?
Super Rich vs. 99%: Class war will explode
Openline: Tea party should join Occupy protest
Occupy Wall Street MUST Join The Tea Party & Refocus Upon Rallying The Glass Steagall Act H.R. 1489!
Lawrence Lessig Invites the Tea Party to join the Occupation Movement at Occupy DC

If the “Occupy” Movement and Tea Party Join Together,
Borough pressures Occupy Fairbanks to remove tents from Veterans Park
Bemidji man marches in Occupy Seattle
Dad 2 Dad: Occupy the hearts of your family
Berkeley's Occupy camp thrives, unthreatened

FBI says Carrier IQ files used for "law enforcement purposes"
Occupy Stanford, Occupy The Future, and Why Care?
Occupy LA: LAPD Investigates Caught-on-Video Arrest of Journalist Calvin Milam
Occupy members, puppets, protest downtown
Activist Cindy Sheehan set to join Occupy Woodland's protest at Chase Bank branch

Value of Services Offered by #OccupyBoston (Original)
Ex-Philly police captain arrested at NY Occupy rally is warned to not wear uniform at protests
Occupy Anchorage protesters take issue with management, expansion of Port of Anchorage
Bruce Gionet: Occupy One Minute

How Congress is Signing its own Arrest Warrants in the NDAA Citizen Arrest bill

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