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Sunday, December 11, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 12-11-2011 evening

In Small Town Sebastopol, Occupy Movement Stirs Hope Of Big Changes - Good will goes a long way  along with the hope that "occupy" brings to so many small places across this nation.  I've said it before small groups can bring about great change.  Smaller groups of people will always bring so much to the table it is amazing.  If they are listened to and heard it can be beneficial to all.

Homeless find ally in Occupy - It is interesting that it took a demonstration of people opposing certain rules to notice that homeless probably have complaints, but certainly can't pay to be heard.  People that are down on their luck don't always have the means we require of them to even request help.

Occupy protesters epitomize democracy
Has a Harvard Professor Mapped Out the Next Step for Occupy Wall Street?
In the Occupy Movement, Next Steps Converge
City, Occupy try to reach agreement on camp
Occupy gathering boosts morale in Orlando

The Creative Potential of Occupy Wall Street's Cooperative Power
Why they haven’t occupied Mississippi: OWS lacks a coherent message
‘Occupy Amazon’ movement spurns request for retail spies
Occupy Wall Street right on target

55 Occupy SF protestors arrested outside Federal Reserve

Occupy Boston participants discuss next moves
Occupy Palm Beach protestors move encampment prior to noon deadline
Occupy Protesters to Take on Ports Monday
Not just about tents for Occupy Wellington
Undercover police spied on protesters at Occupy LA

Occupy Pittsburgh vows to seize and rename Mellon Green
Occupy America through your generosity this holiday season - As the old assumption rule goes.  You may need to open your eyes and look a little harder at occupy groups before you speak or write.  Many of them are already doing this in so many ways!  I know the nearest group to me has been doing many things as you mention and more long before you even thought of it. 12/04/11 — [2nd] Underground Community Potluck It appears there are so many writers that have a field day making up things to knock the many occupy groups.  However, from what I've researched and seen many of these occupy groups have done as much if not more for their communities then many of these people that keep slandering them.

Occupy Purdue holds first protest in front of Mackey
Occupies Unite to Spread the Movement Westward
Next on list for Occupy Fort Myers: Foreclosures?
Opinions Vary on What Occupy New Haven Wants
Occupy movement fights for its future

Arm of union latches on Occupy Seattle - If they are walking some of the same walk, why not work together.
Occupy Paris marks Human Rights Day
You are going to Jail
Occupy Boulder says movement won't apply for permit to use courthouse lawn
Model for how ‘Occupy’ movement should move forward

Occupy Wall Street, Re-energized: A Leaderless Movement Plots a Comeback
Where leadership was weak, Occupy movement persisted
Occupy Flint May Be In Danger
BofA memo

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