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Saturday, December 10, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 12-10-2011 videos-music-songs just a few

The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes - so did occupy start much sooner than we think... now we are 7 billion... Maybe children should be in charge...

Where Has My America Gone? - The Occupy Wall Street Song
Hard Times "Occupy Wall Street"
We Are The 1%
American Dreams
Occupy Wall Street - A Portrait of Occupy

The Occupy Wall Street Blues
Occupy Wall Street "Occupy Broadway" (3 Dec. 2011) 02
Incredible Speech By Wall Street Protester "End The Fed" 2011
Occupy Wall Street (Occupy All Streets Today!)now?
Uncle Scam Wallstreet

Watch the World
Wall Street Official Song - Make that Money Take That Money
Occupy Wall Street (short song for the protesters!)
Occupy Music Stephan Said
By Cover Of A Great Lie (Occupy WallStreet)

99 Tribal Song. Wall Street cats too fat for jail. 99% #OWS
Occupy Wall Street: Three Chants for the 99%
American Refugee
OWS Library: Eyewitness Reflections
Occupy The World: The Beginning of a New Era

Let It Be Known - Sam Haiman - Canvas Clash
Occupy Wall Street Protest Festive Music with Good Beat
Occupy Wall Street (Won't Get Fooled Again) - The Who
Go Ahead

Occupy Wall Street - Taking Back Control
Which Side Are You On? D12 West Coast Port Blockade ILWU
"Occupy Philly" drummers' circle
For What It's Worth (Occupy Wall Street)

Wall St. on the Waterfront
Occupy - Music "99th Problem"
Music for the Revolution ~ Uprising, Occupy Wall Street Style
Occupy Chicago music video mind's hideaway song donation Rockupy Chicago
Occupy Music Video: Anonymous - Op-Critical and Justice Through Music Project

ANONYMOUS - Proof we are the Last Generation on Earth
Sirealz - Occupy (Official Music Video)
MissyMagoo: Lets Roll - A Occupy Music Video
Occupy SF Music Festival
The People Empower (OCCUPY Music Video ft. Tupac)

J. Keys - Occupy Music [Official Video]
Occupy Music
The Anonymous Theme Song
J.D. Nero-Occupy Music (Song)
Brazil Workers Support Occupy Movement

NOFX: OCCUPY LA: (Unofficial Theme Song)
OCCUPY MUSIC CITY (Occupy Nashville Inspection)
Occupy Wallstreet Anthem, I am the 99 (Occupy) music video
Occupy Music Support
'Occupy Wall Street' a song by Spencer Livingston

The Occupy Wall Street Song - Music & Lyrics by Richard Neumann
Occupy song
The Wall Street Song
12 Days of Occupy by Conversation
We Are The 99 Percent

Tom Morello: The 12/12 West Coast Port Shutdown!
Occupy WallStreet New Leisure Class
Heston - Good Morning America
Occupy Video for Cut Tha Check Freestyle
i love you and theres nothing you can do about it

#Anonymous #OpTyler U.S. Call to Action
Rage Against The Machine - Testify
Occupy DC 12/10//11 Late Night Jam Session featuring Bobby Coma, Gecko and Fuzzy
Bosko "Occupy Until Wall Street Crumbles"

1980s G.I. Joe Cartoon Predicts the Future!
Bill Maher on Occupy Wall Street [New Rules]
TheFanNJ: Take Back Congress: Wall Street Occupied
Occupy the Back Door Tavern
Midnight Madness TV Episode 91

Camp Occupada Song
New York - occupy wallstreet song
LESTAT - Life Goes On
Occupy Wall Street Song
Special Effects-Occupy Wallstreet

I Occupy wall street Official song YouTube
#OpBlackout Update: Introducing #OpWhiteout
Occupy Wall Street Christmas Song by Alexa
Occupying all over the

Occupy Wall Street EXPLAINED with the Institute for Public Policy
Occupy Wall Street - Concentration of Power, the Opposite of What We need!
America's Occupy Wall St !! 99% 's Anthem - Fight for the Middle Class !

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