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Saturday, December 10, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 12-10-2011 morning

Will Occupy Shut Down All West Coast Ports?
The Hope of Occupy in the Face of Backlash

I Was Arrested at Occupy Bronx—for Writing About It
Occupy campers, city plan to keep talking
Buzz About Occupy Berkeley from Around the Web
Occupy posting leads to demotion
Another Occupy arrest at Kitsap County foreclosure auction

Liberal Portland mayor emerges as Occupy critic
Occupy Our Homes Targets Big Banks Over Shady Mortgage Practices
Unions oppose planned Occupy protests at B.C. port
Occupy conference meets in Orlando
Occupy Brattleboro remains on town's radar, but no decision yet

Employment rally planned at Occupy Buffalo site
Occupy Calgary leaves legacy
As Occupy faces setbacks around the country, focus shifts to D.C.
Occupy Chico State leaves campus

Police Evict Protesters From Occupy Boston Site
The Creative Potential of Occupy Wall Street's Cooperative Power
NY, California feeling fiscal pinch, Occupy Wall Street support, hitting millionaires again
Bill Maher Chimes in at #OWS
Police evict Occupy Boston protesters

Police arrest Occupy members in southwest Ohio
List of Occupy movement protest locations worldwide
List of Occupy movement protest locations in the United States - I don't think the number data is very good here at all. Not to impressed with this wiki at this point.
Dozens of Occupy protesters arrested in Washington

Props to Occupy Osawatomie
With complaints addressed, Bloomington Occupy protesters settling in for long winter haul
Homeless advocates, Occupy Providence to highlight legislative agenda at RI Statehouse rally

Occupy Wall Street Campaign: Reliving Marx and moving beyond
Occupy Wall Street: Welcome to the Animal Farm
Citizen Radio
Police move in on Occupy Boston...Thousands throng Moscow for protest

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