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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 12-06-2011 morning

Charges Dropped Against Occupy Columbia Protesters

Madness Etc.
Occupy London Library *The Indignants*
Occupy the World (Music Video)
US anti-Wall Street groups gather in Washington
Occupy Wall Street targets Congress: 99% vs. 1%

Protesters occupy Nevada County foreclosure auction
Occupy website streams 24/7 video
Santa Cruz city and county crack down on Occupy Santa Cruz protestors
Occupy NOLA protesters plan to stay put
Groups prepare to bring Occupy protests to Congress - I think that all congress should be recalled on charges of treason.

Cuomo Joins Brown in Seizing on Occupy Movement’s Tax-the-Rich Sentiment
Occupy Albany deadline approaching
Los Angeles weighs steps to hold its banks more accountable
Occupy Boulder: Weekend arrests strengthen resolve, protestors say
OCCUPY CARTOON ART: A roundup of comics from the movement’s front lines

Police equate Occupy LSX with al-Qaeda
Does Occupy Buffalo Movement Have Permits? - It is so ironic that a government would say that for people to peacefully protest against the government they have to get permits from that government.  Also, that they would have to follow the restrictions placed upon them at the time by that government even if the restrictions have nothing to do with the Constitution of that government.

Occupy Reno Protesters March Downtown
Occupy Richmond plans Saturday march to Kanawha Plaza
Occupy Evanston Protests in Support of Local, National Changes
Occupy Darien To Go On Despite Arrest
Occupy Eugene Community Conversation

Occupy group calls on people to default on student loans
Police presence increasing at Occupy New Orleans camp as protesters seek to block eviction
OCCUPY WALL STREET sparks interest in policies like BIG
Water cannon fired on Philippine 'Occupy' marchers
Occupy Cincinnati wants charges dismissed

Demystifying Anarchism at Occupy Oakland

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