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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 12-06-2011 evening

Occupy DC Wins Legal Victory On Camping In McPherson Square
LEAKED: Bank of America Panicking over Occupy Our Homes
Occupy gets early legal win over State Patrol
Occupy vs Philly media tape generates buzz - Thank you, what journalism once was supposed to strive for embed themselves and investigate and hopefully get the real stories. That was what I remember from my days of learning journalism.  But now-a-days most of it is just take some media releases from specific officials sources and editorialize on that! I know many of them have budget cuts and less people but the new style is just destroying the old media quicker by giving little or no honesty, truth and quality to their reporting. Opinions, editorials and propaganda "alone" is no more then a gossip magazine.  Where has the real news reporting gone?

Occupy Atlanta to Protect Disabled Veteran’s Home From Foreclosure
Wall Street protesters to occupy foreclosed homes
Occupy Wall Street Exposes Police State in it’s infancy
Occupy Wall Street lands on Capitol Hill
Take Back The Capitol Protests At Lawmakers' Offices

Occupy Wall Street protests shift focus from encampments to reclaiming foreclosed homes
Filmmaker/activist Michael Moore talks politics, Occupy Wall Street, his book 'Here Comes Trouble'
Occupy group plans to move people into foreclosed homes
Occupy NOLA will be allowed to rebuild encampment in Duncan Plaza

Occupy protests move to DC, with visits to several Wisconsin lawmakers
Battle Cry: Occupy's Messaging Tactics Catch On
Occupy Denver hearing: Police officer made fake Twitter account to harass …
The art of Occupy
Occupy Hartford ordered to end campout

School to Occupy Seattle: You have 72 hours to leave
Menino to Occupy Boston: Pick an issue, go to Washington, D.C.
Sen. Joe Lieberman Meets With Occupy Protesters Camped Outside His Capitol Hill Office
Occupy protesters in Cincinnati court Tuesday
Occupy Protesters’ Pressure Saves Woman’s Home

Echoes of 'Occupy'?

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