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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 12-06-2011 evening a few more...

Williams says Jesus would be siding with Occupy movement

City Wants Rules For Occupy Buffalo, Responds To WGRZ FOIL Request
Bangor to redefine park policies in light of Occupy dispute
Music world puts on 'thank you' gig in solidarity with Occupy London
Brooklyn home 'liberated' by 'Occupy' protesters; cops hang back
Occupy protesters file tort claim against Del City

Menino knocks Occupy
Occupy protesters back in park after arrests, cleanup
Obama Meets Occupy Wall Street
Occupy Dayton says it won't go quietly
Occupy San Diego to Hold Protest March Today – Dec. 6th – Against Continued First Amendment Violations by Police

Dem. US Senate hopefuls joust on Occupy protests
Occupy D.C. Coverage
Messages from Occupy Wall Street: Seattle, Washington
Occupy Big Business: The Sharing Economy's Quiet Revolution
K Street preps for Occupy 'Swarm'

Occupy Joe Walsh's Office: Congressman Avoids Chicago-Area Protesters In D.C.
Couple exchanges vows at Occupy Rochester site
Protests turn violent with pepper spray
Occupy Long Beach faces park ordinance hurdle
Occupy Movement Posts Schedule for Port Protests

Occupy Chicago Heads to DC, Protests with Pastor on Top of South Side Motel
Occupy Rolla holds initial meeting
Occupy Perth
Hundreds of Unemployed Storm Capitol Hill to Meet with Congress
Occupy Wall St. - Humanity Wants Evolution - Not Revolution

Occupy: It's not a Revolution, it's an Evolution
Is It Time To “Occupy Healthcare?”

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