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Monday, December 5, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 12-05-2011 evening

Occupy protests mapped around the world - Help them add the missing ones.  There are a lot there but a quick look in my area and already found a bunch not identified.

Occupy Davis, as Covered by High School Journalists
Occupy Melbourne Tent Monsters
Occupy Chicago Targets Washington

How “The Muppets” made Occupy Wall Street
Shut Down Wall Street on the Water Front
Occupy Wall Street to take on the housing crisis
Scenes From Occupy Wall Street Protests—PICTURES
"Is Occupy Wall Street Having An Effect?" - M.O.C. #97

12/6 Occupy San Diego City Council @ 10am and Home Foreclosures

Occupy Boston winter tent sent packing
11 Occupy protesters arrested in San Diego, Orlando
Occupy the Kremlin: Russia's Election Lets Loose Public Rage
Occupy Web TV Channel
Occupy Denver argues for restraining order against police

Tension builds in Dewey Square
Jackson Browne plays concert for Occupy D.C. protesters
Occupy NOLA protesters seek reprieve in court
Occupy Albany told to fold up tents Dec. 22
Occupy Arrests On Capitol Hill

Occupy Murfreesboro protestors set to occupy Civic Plaza tonight
V for Vendetta’s Alan Moore, David Lloyd Join Occupy Comics
Second Occupy Camp Evicted In Philly
Occupy London's anger over police 'terrorism' document - Now I'm sure the U.S.A. will hold their list much tighter.  However, have no doubt if you were involved with an occupy movement or tea party movement you have been categorized some where on a list of concern. Remember, so is every other protest, movement or organization also added to lists profiled and examined.  It's someones job to do those things.  We have asked them to if you look at what we have stood behind over the past several decades.  Right or wrong it is not as simple as we may like it to be...

Payroll tax fight: a win for both Occupy Wall Street & the Tea Party?
Relocating SF Occupy camp not cheered in Mission
Join the Occupy Our Homes National Day of Action December 6th
Occupy Oakland plans West Coast port shutdown, but port workers don’t support it
New arguments in Occupy Augusta hearing

Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Coalition Dubs Occupy Phoenix the 'Mississippi of this Movement'
Occupy Movement Needs Equalism Not Marginalization
Woman stabbed at Occupy Baltimore encampment, police say
PICKET: Anti-Occupy Wall Street band prohibited from performing in Zucotti Park
Occupy Wall Street Protester Gets a Job on Wall Street

Occupy Broadway Reclaims Public Space for the Arts
BU junior rallies classmates to Occupy Boston cause
Supporters rally as Occupy Sydney protesters face court
Anti-Occupy protester joins Fairbanks group in opposition
Occupy sparks local dialogue

Occupy San Jose and Voluntarios de la Comunidad join forces Sunday
Occupy protesters bring cookies to Orlando mayor
Occupy Rochester joining national day of action against foreclosures
Occupy Providence reconsiders occupation of Burnside park
Obama Meets With College Presidents to Discuss Affordability

Occupy Des Moines visits Harkin headquarters

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