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Sunday, December 4, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 12-04-2011 morning

Top 10 Must-See Occupy Wall Street Videos
Unions: We don’t support Occupy port shutdown
Refusing required insurance, 'Occupy' protesters plan march in Old Saybrook
'Zombie' arrested at Occupy Black Friday movement is midstate mom trying to live her conscience

Occupy Denver protesters march for 10th Saturday as "Free Market, Free People" also rallies
Occupy Amsterdam? How Mass Protests of Cars Fostered Dutch Cycling Policy
Occupy Calgary campers cheered by visit from shutdown Edmonton protesters
Occupy Boston case a test of free speech
Occupy under watch

Occupy Portland attempts to occupy another downtown park
Occupy Bethlehem camp near City Hall 'illegal,' city says
Protesters begin to leave Occupy NOLA

19 Occupy Portland protesters arrested at park
Pushed out, Occupy movement plans next move
Occupy Wall Street Begins Hunger Strike
Occupy Reno Sets Up New Camp
Police went undercover to watch Occupy LA protesters at City Hall Park prior to raid

Occupying late-night comic attention...
Several Arrested After Occupy Portland Protest
Occupy LA protesters march through downtown
Occupy Philly stages rally at Independence Hall
Occupy New Brunswick Convened on Friday Night at Rutgers

Occupy groups across N.C. have had mixed results
Occupy Our Homes
Occupy SF Housing Action Day
Occupy Dayton endures as other camps dismantled across nation
Occupy members criticize city budget

Garrison City gets occupied: Protesters gather downtown
Occupy OKC files suit to stay in downtown park
Occupy San Francisco protester Miran Istina
Student Loan Fury in the Occupy Movement - It use to be called indentured servitude now we call it loans and not just student loans.  Many loans are designed in this fashion not just students and there are many that know that they are entrapping and encouraging people that do not have the knowledge or awareness of what is being done to them.  Call them the enablers encouraging and even scheming to have more and more people credit away their lives.

Noisy mob? Cops shoot back with sound cannons
Occupy Melbourne Tent Monsters

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