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Sunday, December 4, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 12-04-2011 evening

Occupy movement shakes things up, wakes Americans up
Occupy Wall Street hunger strikes begin as Occupy Portland camp shut down by police
Join Occupy Wall Street Farmers March on Wall Street at Zuccotti Park
"They're Holding Us Hostage!"
Social Movements vs. "Social Movements": Comparing Occupy and the Tea Party

Occupy Brookings Organizes 'Cash Mob'
Occupy movement shakes things up, wakes Americans up
Occupy Seattle at a crossroads: 'People have lost the message'
Occupy Oregon Re-Occupies, Police Violently Evict Then Occupiers Re-Take Park

Look out, Brooklyn! Occupy Wall Street protesters are heading to East New York on Tuesday
Police, SWAT team move into Occupy D.C. camp

Occupy DC demonstrators arrested by U.S. Park Police

Knights rise up in protest
Occupy Bangor encampment to move away from library, disagrees over next step
Occupy Buffalo Plans To Camp Through Winter Months
Is There an Occupy 2.0 Post-Encampment-Eviction? Occupy Philly Faces the Test
Occupy JP marches on Centre St.

Squatters occupy Texas houses worth more than $8 million
Occupy Atlanta retakes Woodruff Park -- sort of
Authorities Back Occupy New Haven's Presence On Green
Occupy Minneapolis puts up 40 tents on People’s Plaza, cops carry out late night raid
Occupy Austin rallies at Texas Capitol

Occupy Columbia protestors cleaning up the community
Occupy Abilene group small but devoted

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