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Saturday, December 3, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 12-03-2011 morning

Foreclosed homes, empty lots are next 'Occupy' targets

Protest Against Hate at Carrier Dome
Occupy Y'all Street: Occupy Atlanta Fights Foreclosure, Fannie Mae Demands Protesters' Emails
Capitalism Versus the Environment
Occupy Orlando group faces eviction from city park
Why Occupy protesters marched from Wall Street to D.C.

The view from The New Yorker’s photo department

30 Journalists Arrested Covering Occupy Movement
Occupy L.A. takes its fight to foreclosure auction
Homeless encampment springs up after Occupy Philadelphia eviction - One thing that breaking up of protests camps has highlighted around many cities is how we appear to deal with many of the homeless.  We seem to shuffle them off or throw them in jail, your not allowed to be homeless in America, I guess.

Occupy “Bat Signal” Source Files
Occupy Wall Street to Become Major Challenge to US Administration
Stop the Eviction of Occupy Portland
It's the Inequality

Los Angeles Stands Up To The Supreme Court, Looks To Revoke Corporate Personhood
WikiLeaks release Spy Files; Veterans for Peace call support action for Monday
Police move on Occupy protesters - What I find interesting is that arresting people that are at peaceful protests is threats and intimidation on the right to assemble.  The way authorities are going about this with arresting people, it is going to become a stigma not to have been arrested during this movement.

#OccupyArrests by Location : Sheet1 - Well over 5000 at this point I would guess. Last update was 11/25/2011 from what I can see.

Cops beef up Occupy numbers
Ask Obama To Veto Indefinite Military Detention of AMERICAN CITIZENS
Senate Votes To Let Military Detain Americans Indefinitely, White House Threatens Veto - So my next question would be has the occupy movement been placed on the terrorist watch list yet by homeland security?  I'm pretty sure it would be along with the Tea Party and many other peaceful protests.
Impeach Every Senator Who Votes for "U.S. is a Battlefield" Bill that Violates Basic Rights

US ships 21-tonne tear gas cargo to Tahrir, Egypt says no
Occupy Philly: We're alive and well, still meeting
Judge says college can evict Occupy campers
Occupy NOLA protesters say they don't want to leave Duncan Plaza
How Republicans are being taught to talk about Occupy Wall Street - I'm sure since this has been widely posted that they have done some re-engineering of their social engineering tactics.  Can we ask do you like to be manipulated if you are not a occupier or an occupier?

Policinski: Crackdowns on Occupy protests limited by the First Amendment - Perspective is just that, a view, once the action has taken place the damage is already!  Being able to sue afterwards doesn't change the injuries, the intimidation, the fear and public relations damage done to the assembly.  Nor does protesting or suing it make it any better or right.

Miley Cyrus’ ‘Occupy’ exploit - Is Michelle Malkin just an exploiter of hate speech or does she really believe her own editorial rants?

Occupy Albany told to fix violations or leave by deadline - So are the cities really worried about health concerns?  Isn't the city really endangering the assembled members, if occupiers intention is to stay and to be making a statement with occupying, by taking away tents?

Occupy Madison campers prepare for coming winter
Protest Chaplains - NYC
Occupy movement a reminder of what we value
Daily Occupations Report Dec. 2, 2011
Occupy Boulder campers weather first snowfall, plan to stay put

"Occupy Staten Island" Plans Anti-Gingrich Protest
The effect of social media on Occupy
Occupy Bangor to comply with request to move encampment off library property

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