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Saturday, December 3, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 12-03-2011 afternoon

You Can Arrest an Idea
Human community in Occupy
Farmers and Food Activists to Occupy Wall Street
Occupation Evicted? Occupy the Place Responsible: DC - what we need is not a 1 million man march but a 10 or 20 million man march.  If that doesn't tell them it is time to listen then I'm really not sure what will.  At the very least there will be a V mask making company hiring if they can get them made in America.  We would like to place an order for V for Vendetta mask of 10 million please.

3 arrested after flag dispute at Occupy New Haven camp
Arrested Occupy protestors allowed back in Marion Square
Social Justice, Occupy Wall Street and the 99 percent
A New Yorker's Opinion: How Occupy Wall Street Won and Grover Norquist Lost
Alan Moore Responds To Frank Miller’s Occupy Wall Street Remarks – When Titans Clash

Occupy Broadway: Protesters, Performers Creatively Resist At Times Square
Fighting the Great Depression
MissyMagoo: Lets Roll - A Occupy Music Video
Ousted from Zuccotti Park, Occupy Wall Streeters now occupy ‘off-site’ alternatives
A manifesto for the Occupy movement

Occupy Fort Lauderdale Can Stay At City Hall Plaza, Tents Must Go
Occupy protestors arrested in SWAT team raid
Occupy says it is still strong in Philadelphia, blasts police
Officials hear 'death knell' of Occupy Charlottesville
Occupy Art Basel Remains Elusive, But One Occupation Shoots Up In Miami Beach

From Occupation to “Occupy”: The Israelification of American Domestic Security
Occupy Comes to the Castro, Bayview, Tenderloin and the Mission Today
Occupy Calgary gets reprieve — until judge makes decision
Occupy Bearspray
Group Plans to 'Occupy' City Hall, Protest Troy Mayor

Occupy Seattle Joins Wave of Building Occupations
Mayor distorted Occupy's effect on park: union chief
Occupy movement plans day of action Dec. 6
Cops arrest 16 Occupy protesters on Capitol Hill
True Tea Party people and Occupy must unite to make a change

A Mayoral Mexican Wrestling Challenge at Occupy Broadway
Charlottesville Occupiers thrown in jail: creation of a Occupy underclass
Occupy Montana hosts "Mass Day" in Missoula
NYC protesters call for renewed occupations
#OccupySF Demonstrations Expected Across SF Saturday

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