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Thursday, December 1, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 12-01-2011 evening

Occupy Santa Cruz Continues Seige on Empty Bank Thursday; Police Watch and Wait - I couldn't help but laughing during this one.  Here is one from the article: “your boss needs you, you don't need them.”

Occupy Wall Street Demonstrates Against Obama Fund-raiser
Occupy LA: Flexing Democracy’s Muscle

Jackson Browne Debuts Protest Tune at Occupy Wall Street
Occupy Wall Street protesters regroup after tent cities are cleared, consider political demands
Why Occupy Wall Street Is So Hard to Understand
10 Occupy Wall Street Talking Points for Republicans
Camps Are Cleared, but ‘99 Percent’ Still Occupies the Lexicon

Occupy Boston Protesters May Remain Until Ruling, Judge Says
GOP governors taught how to describe Occupy Wall Street - manipulation, intimidation and insinuation; so does double double-speak, propaganda and social engineering really exist?

Mayor's spokesman says no plans to raid Occupy San Francisco encampment
Occupy DC targets Congressional Democrats
Kansas City protestors occupy peacefully
How TARP Neatly Covered the Real Bailout from the Fed to the Banksters
Branson: Occupy movement 'a good start'

Occupy Wall Street returns this weekend to Times Square; steer clear of the Battery Tunnel
Occupy Protesters Arrested, Tents Removed in Minneapolis
Occupy Las Vegas seeks to trademark, shirt sales to follow - like I said time to take over the system and make it the way you want.  Next start buying stocks and do hostile takeovers...

Occupy OKC files federal lawsuit seeking to stop group's removal from downtown park
Occupy LA Targets Foreclosures, Bank Execs, Ports & Golf
Lawyer: Jailed Occupy activists treated harshly
Occupy Asheville: Attorney Jennifer Foster no longer one of us

Civil rights lawyers move to fight Occupy evictions nationwide
Occupy Fort Myers protesters leave south Fort Myers camp
Occupy Ithaca encampment grows

Occupy Providence rally to support Occupy Wall Street
Occupy Recruiting - now if one involved doesn't have to take responsibility and blame than why should any of them have too?  Point the finger and blame game doesn't make it any better of any of them. It is correct that they are not the only problem and that there are many reasons and parties that should take the heat.  However, that doesn't meant they can't be made and example of.

Occupy Chattanooga Calls For County To End CCA Workhouse Contract
From Occupy to Progressive Renewal: Demanding the Just Society
Occupy Providence
Protestors arrested at Occupy L.A.
Occupy L.A.: Judge could decide on restraining order soon

‘Occupy’ protesters find cause with strikers
Occupying Wall Street and Tahrir Square: Feathers of the Same Bird
Jesse Jackson, NAACP to lend help to Occupy Phoenix
Students join global Occupy movement
Occupy Nelson removed by city

Occupy Tampa holds 'Public Space Liberation Day'
Occupy Oakland protesters tell judge that city violated its crowd control policy
Occupy Youngstown Hearing Postponed
Philip Glass Will Appear At Occupy Lincoln Center
Occupy Huntsville protesters can't set up tents or toilets, cook over an open flame

Occupy the Fed
Some specific proposals by Occupy protesters
Mayor meets Occupy Dayton
Occupy Representatives to Participate in Ames Public Forum Sunday
Occupy Napa Valley College launches protest

Occupy CSUN Gathers Support
Divinity students celebrate communion with Occupy
Occupy the DCCC
Occupy Movement’s New Threat: Media Election Coverage
The Occupy question: Why aren't they in jail? - I would like to demand that all people involved with finances in America and around the world today need to be dispersed from their current positions and locations or they will be arrested, for the safety of the public of course.

Minneapolis police move in on Occupy protesters
Occupy Boston Protesters Clash With Police - Things are not funny but I can't help but laughing at some of these tonight.  Here is the first paragraph of this story, "Boston police sent their Emergency Deployment Team to the Dewey Square camp of the Occupy Boston movement Thursday night when protesters tried to bring a sink into the camp."  I guess when the porta-potties come they will have to send armored vehicles out with full swat teams too... Well they may actually have to call the military in with some bunker busting smart precision targeting weapons for this, it could be considered chemical weapons being created by the occupiers if they brought in porta-potties.

The Fed Grants $7.77 Trillion in Secret Bank Loan - Now Do You Understand Occupy Wall Street?

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