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Thursday, December 22, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 12-22-2011 evening

Occupy Houston Commentary On Felony Charges For Civil Disobedience
Judge approves emergency rules on State House use - Now isn't it amazing how quickly they can create a new laws like this.  Now ask them to get anything truly productive in the government done like resolve homelessness and unemployment problems.

Bogle: Time for speculators to pay fair tax share
UPDATED: Occupy Smoking Arrest Gets Physical
Reporter-Turned-Occupy L.A. Arrestee On Why the City Attorney's Office is 'Going for the Jugular'
Tension over new Occupy San Diego arrests
Tents "Run" Down the Street as Occupy Scranton is Evicted

Cities that broke up Occupy camps now face lawsuits over free speech, use of force
Police dismantle Occupy Albany camp after deadline
Occupy Wall Street Takes A Road Trip For Bradley Manning, Brings Baggage
Occupy Wall Street: Where did all the money go?
Occupy hecklers drown out Bachmann at Iowa diner

WRIGHT WAY: About the Occupy movement
Occupy Havana
Occupy DC Protesters Plan To Remain Through Holidays
Occupy Y'All Street: Three Generations Try To Escape Poverty Through Occupy Columbia
RI Occupy to leave park if city opens shelter

Occupy Cincy group shows up at Nativity scene
Book review: "Cannibal Capitalism" shines light on Occupy
Merry Christmas from Occupy Denver
How One Triton Student Survived Occupy Wall Street

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