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Saturday, December 31, 2011

O.w.S. in the news 1-1-2012

Occupy Theme Song/Lyrics by The Norris Brothers Band
Occupy movement has a point

Before Midnight, Occupy Wall Street Activists Retake Zuccotti Park
Bachmann calls 'Occupy' protesters 'Obama's advance team'
Occupy to petition for right to gather
Occupy Rose Parade: Activists divided over protest

Occupy DC creates rift between mayor, police union
The year of dissent: Keeping America’s 1% Occupied
We All Occupy
Occupy Wall Street's Marxist base make it a threat - Is this post saying that Democracy and Capitalism do not have any of these goals?

This Was 2011: Occupy D.C.
Jeff Mangum live at Occupy Wall Street - Liberty Park, NYC
For ‘Occupy the Caucus’ Protesters, a Successful Day of Arrests
"Occupy" makes annual list of most overused words
Scott Olsen, U.S. Vet Wounded at Occupy Oakland, on Recovery, Protests, Iraq and Bradley Manning

#OccupyOakland marching down 14th
TEMECULA: Occupy protesters face tough audience
Occupy Portland Unveils Winter Plan
San Francisco the best test ground for evolution in Occupy Movement
Columbia offers ‘Occupy 101’ 0January 1, 2012by admin

That's all, Occupy?
Occupy The World The Tide Is Turning
Education, job concerns occupy Lowery's annual prayer breakfast gathering
Occupy Fresno rings in new year at Courthouse Park
Low Friends in High Places: Triad of Business, Cops and Politicians Attack Occupy

Local Family Disturbed by Topless Occupy Protest
Occupy Worldwide 2012: Real Hope for Global Change
Charles Dickens a Christmas Carol at Occupy London
Occupy Phase II: The Supreme Court
Occupy Wall Street | #ows

Occupy Hartford Lists Grievances Against Walmart In Surprise Protest
Occupy Greensboro words of wisdom, six bucks a head
Occupy Louisville's time running short
Occupy Chicago turns to stage, creates its own media

Miami Beach cops, toxic-tush case among targets of this year’s King Mango Strut
Occupy Hilbert Space. A simple example for the 99%
U.N. chief wants to nurture Arab Spring
Letter: Occupy gains not to be overlooked
Occupy Boston invites revelers to pen resolutions

Anti-Wall street crowd say they will hang around Albuquerque in 2012

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