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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Occupy write-in.  This next election with a write-in for all offices!  Everyone that is going for election this next election should not be voted in.  Anyone that has ran, trained, been in office should not be voted for.  I say everyone from President down should not be re-elected.   We should select people that have never been in office and have shown no aspirations for office.  We should select people that are good people and we consider  them honest, hard working and fighting for what is best for all.  People like this gentleman : Vaclav Havel.  We should vote in people for the people and a better country and world.  If we want to change the status quo then maybe there should be no party candidates re-elected this year.  All "write-ins" of people not running for office that "we the people" truly choose.

"OCCUPY WRITE-IN CANDIDATE".  Time to start working. I think it could be done. I think it is time to show who is in charge in this country and get rid of all the parties and corruption in government and business. This is the way to show them we can!

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BlogCruiser said...

Well food for thought any way. An idea I think might have some potential if people like it.