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Friday, December 9, 2011

Occupy Why Leaderless?

Why would "occupy" be leaderless?  Well my first impression would be that our leaders are failing continually over and over again.  The leaders are co-opted by greed, lobbyists, extreme groups, etc..  No matter what it is they will become co-opted.  As one person said to a South Carolina governor as they came to office and tried to supposedly make things better, "you will get corrupted".  "Occupy" should not only be leaderless but it has too be.

Actuality it isn't leaderless but filled with many leaders, according to some, discussing, compromising and trying to make things better.  Now something tells me that was our forefathers intentions in America. They hoped congress an organization that would discuss, compromise and make things better for the people.  We know now that unfortunately it has gone awry.  We have a group of politicians no longer working for the people even if they don't realize it.  The movement if you want to call it that can be called leader full or leaderless whichever way you prefer to look at it.

Many of what some people call left groups have jumped on board quickly but the movement is meant to be centrist not left or right.  Leaderless/Leader Full is what is maintaining the neutrality of the many wings of politics involved in "occupy" now.  There are many right, left and centrists involved.  The movement will become stronger and stronger as more people realize this and join.  There are several very important issues for the left, right and center that most can agree upon and this is where the concentration should start leaning.  Money out of politics, corporations are not people, corruption are all very important factors in changing what is going on in this nation.  These play a strong role in many areas such as employment, financial inequality, consumer protections and much more.  Working to change these concerns can be some very good starts to making things better.

Occupy Wall St is a tactic that really has evolved.  The word "occupy" stands for a lot now and the title doesn't need to be changed.  "Occupy" stands for freedom, fairness, the rule of law, civil rights and liberation!  It has reached the starting goal that it attempted, people have heard some of the concerns.

It is not about occupation, police brutality, corruption or any individual problems.  Some people want to know what it is all about.  Some people want to know what can they do.  Some want to see suggested solutions.  It is about a corporation that isn't meeting the bottom line and continuing down the same path of failure.  This corporation being America.  It is time to tackle a couple of the root problems and reshape a new direction of change for the people.

Leaderless/Leader Full it needs to stay that way to work. Anything else will corrupt the structure that can help the people.  Everyone that wants change needs to get on-board to make this work to the best of its ability.  It's called Democracy and if we want it to work, then we need to get involved.  Everyone involved must realize they may not reach all their specialized agendas but I do imagine that together we can do great things almost immediately.

Here is an idea to start a particular focus that will have impact!!!
Call A Convention is a good idea IMHO.  It is long over do too.

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